June 23, 2024

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The surreal way to get the bear out of the tree with the Black Sabbath classic – Al día

The surreal way to get the bear out of the tree with the Black Sabbath classic – Al día

Imagine that a bear In your garden, he climbs a tree and decides to spend the whole day there. How are you going to try to scare him? What if I told you they might hate music Black Sabbath? This is what we discovered in recent days through the viral story that appeared in the United States.

As revealed by many American media, the guards Colorado Parks and Wildlife in the Northeast Region They used a Classic Black Sabbath song To remove a black bear from a tree in a neighborhood in Golden, Colorado, a town near Denver.

It all happened on May 14 when the bear, after walking through the neighborhood, refused to leave after finding food by getting into trash left outside the night before.

“When you’re under the watch of a bear, you think it’s all going to be action. And you never think you’re going to spend at least 6 hours in the car waiting for the bear to stop sleeping and get down the tree. And yet…”Colorado Parks and Wildlife Northeast Region said. And the X thread is not lost. You can see it below.

What song did the bear end up singing?

What is clear to us is that the bear ended up going down thanks to a rather surreal technique. The rangers, with the help of the Golden Police Department, decided to deploy a drone and sound “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath Through the loudspeaker.

“Although we were a bit annoyed by the drone, we decided to use loud music against the bear. We know, based on its previous behavior, that it probably won’t move until dark. We wait until dark and the bear finally lands when almost all the humans it has left are gone.”“, explained the guards in this social network thread.

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Ozzy Osbourne’s greatest fear

A few days ago, Ozzy Osbourne shared what his biggest fear is During a new episode of The Osbournes podcast (via Loudwire). The truth is that the Dark Prince’s confession was rather ridiculous.

In a clip from the program, Jack Osbourne – the singer’s son – asked the rest of his family to share what their biggest fear is. Ozzy went first and declared that what scared him most were rats. This is the situation: The man who bit off the bat’s head (Although at the time he thought it was a stuffed animal) He is mainly afraid of mice, which are, for practical purposes, wingless bats.

Later, Osbourne shared his other fears: he fears his wife and manager, Sharon Osbourne. That’s why both his daughter and his wife told him that “cocoon.”

On the other hand, Sharon mentioned that heights and fire were her biggest fearsKelly stated that she “deals” with being “faced with death in everything” she does.