January 19, 2022

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The transfer market, live: news and the last minute for today, January 10

The transfer market, live: news and the last minute for today, January 10

‘We don’t know very well where to put Wijnaldum’

Georgino Wijnaldum starred in a TV series last year. His contract with Liverpool expired in June 2021, and despite Klopp’s desire to continue relying on him, he decided to leave. Everything seems to indicate that his destination will be Barcelona, ​​with Koeman being the main supporter and the fact that zero cost has been reached as the promoter of the deal. Until Paris Saint-Germain appeared.
The Dutchman chose the Parisian bid, which was more exciting from an economic and sporting point of view, because Barcelona was going through turbulent times.

A strong midfielder coming back and forth. Ideal for serving as a bridge between the defensive hub (Gueye) and the constructor (Verratti). But in football, two plus two is not always four.
The criticism didn’t take long to surface, and with the exception of a game that served as an oasis, Wijnaldum’s passage through PSG was deserted. With the winter market open and confidence low, a return to the PM looms. Everton, Newcastle and Everton are interested in his loan loan. The recent confrontation against Lyon, where he was missing, confirms that going out is perhaps the best option. From the rejection of Barcelona to the skiing in Paris. All in just over six months.

“We don’t know very well where to put Wijnaldum, which is not surprising, because even with Holland he is the type who needs to be free enough. It is difficult to put this boy, although I think he still has a place in PSG”, As said Vikash Drasso, a former Paris Saint-Germain and now L’Equipe analyst. A month after the match against Real Madrid, in Paris they can’t find a place to place one of the signings of their superstars.

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