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The unconventional and little-known romantic drama from the director of “As bestas” arrives on Prime Video

The unconventional and little-known romantic drama from the director of “As bestas” arrives on Prime Video

“As best friends”l Rodrigo SorogoyenRecently, I have been one of… The most awarded Spanish films Given to us by our cinema, even recognized by figures such as Hideo Kojima. he excitement Inspired by a suspicious event in a small town in Galicia The party sweeps Of the 2023 Goya Awards and once again cemented its author as one of Most promising directors Present in the Iberian Peninsula.

Sorogoyen, who also had it And other irreplaceable successes Like a chain “riot control equipment” Or a great movie ‘The kingdom’began his professional career More than a decade ago Without making too much noise around them. However, on his resume he has A very interesting romantic drama Not many people know it, and it’s definitely worth a look if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary. Fortunately, watching this movie is now easier than ever Recently listed In the catalog for subscribers Amazon Prime Video.

“Stockholm”the second and modest film of Rodrigo Soroguín that will surprise you

the summary “Stockholm” Which is presented to us Prime Video tab. is the following: “In a nightclub, you see a girl and fall in love with her, but she does not listen to you. She insists and ends up in bed with her. What will happen if the next day she is not the girl she seemed to be? One night, in a nightclub, she comes” The typical man who says he He fell in love with you. You ask him to go away, but he insists and you end up spending the night with him. What if it was the next day? Not the man he seemed to be?.

To visit Rodrigo Soroguín’s beginnings in cinema we have to go back exactly to them 2008With comedy ‘8 quotes’It was a film he co-directed at the time with Perez Romano. However, that will not be the case Until 2013 (A decade ago now) when Sorogoyen took over Individual career As a director with “Stockholm”film Very low budget Which he wrote with his usual collaborator, Isabel B.

We say your budget was too low because it “barely” cost. About 60,000 euros (Which he was unable to recover at the box office). Evidence of this low funding is the fact that a large portion of the film takes place in the environment Apartment on Montera Street in MadridWhere the director himself was staying at the time. In fact, the film has the distinction of being one of those films The first Spanish films financed through crowdfundingSince the project was born on the Verkami platform.

And far from a crowdfunding campaign or low budget affecting the film’s ending, it actually is Well improved dexterity From the screenwriters, with the proposal reinforced with a short, concise story Dialogues are the absolute heroes of shots (The first half may be partly reminiscent of the trilogy ‘before’by Richard Linklater), as well as Madrid by Night and in the Morning It was photographed fantastically.

“Stockholm” Basically tells us about Two young men Who meet one night and try to quickly establish a romantic relationship, something that many will immediately feel uncomfortable with. It has been identified. However, the story has Nut twist A medium-length film that shows us the other side of the coin in a revealing and fascinating way. You can say that in the beginning we are watching a romantic movie, but in the end we find ourselves With a psychological drama in which there are certain overtones of suspensethe kind that his director would end up mastering with his next projects.

Although it is not widely seen in cinemas, “Stockholm” It arrives Receive 3 Goya Award nominations (Best Actress, Best New Actor, and Best New Director).

“Stockholm” He is the proof of that Sometimes less is more, and that a different, independent cinema full of interesting ideas could be possible in Spain, even though money or promotion does not accompany it as it should. On the other hand, it is also an example of this There are great and unknown actors Who deserve more visibility (Javier Pereira and Oura Garrido are great in their roles).

We could say more details about the movie, but it’s clearly one of those movies It should be viewed with less information the betterTo be surprised and carried away by his argument. If you have a chance to see it, Don’t let her escape.

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