May 18, 2024

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The video published by Antonella Roccuzzo with the presentation of the skills of Lionel Messi and his children, which spread quickly

The video published by Antonella Roccuzzo with the presentation of the skills of Lionel Messi and his children, which spread quickly

Lionel Messi plays heads with his kids on vacation

Leo Messi And his family continues to enjoy their holidays in Spain, and a video was published this Wednesday showing the method of two of the Argentine sons crack with their control to prevent the ball from hitting the ground in a header match. Enjoy La Pulga with the boys in a small field and the pictures were taken by Antonella Roccuzzo And they quickly became viral like everything Leo’s wife, who usually carries postcards of family life, posts.

In the evening the captain of the Argentine national team and a prominent figure in the Argentine national team Paris Saint-Germain (Paris Saint-Germain) having fun with the children in the traditional game the challenge is that the ball does not bite and in the first part, after Leo is sent, nine heads are seen in a row until the ball falls to the ground, but this did not happen. It seems to be important for the soccer player and the kids.

Antonella also shared another photo with Messi. Both of them and their family share their comfort Cesc Fabregas and partner in one Private island with 20m pool, gym and 22 staff. at the beginning of the week Antonella posted some pictures of the paradise place Where he is seen taking advantage of the moment of relaxation as well as in Fantastic yacht Shalimar IIso Your weekly rental cost is about $73,000 (60 thousand pounds sterling).

After a few days in Argentina whose center was Rosario, like every time they returned to the country, Messi and his family returned to Europe and were invited to Jordi Alba’s weddinghis friend and former teammate in Barcelona.

One of the recent photos posted by Antonella Roccuzzo (@antonelaroccuzzo).

Most of the Argentina national team players spend their holidays in Ibiza with their families and partners. This was stated by the goalkeeper Emiliano Martinezwho spent a few days in his hometown of Mar del Plata and then was in Buenos Aires. Dibo talked about the possibility of having a big barbecue with all his teammates. He defined the team as a “big family”.

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This arc is important for Messi ahead of the action-packed second half between Ligue 1 which Paris Saint-Germain will defend, the Champions League the Parisian club will seek to win for the first time and the World Cup in Qatar at the end of the year. .

Paris Saint-Germain Preparatory It is no longer directed by Mauricio PochettinoOn July 4th, a tour of Japan begins with three friendlies. The first will be by Kawasaki frontJuly 20 at Tokyo National Stadium. Three days later, it will be measured against Urawa Red Diamonds At Saitama Stadium. And you will end up clashing against osaka shrimp, At the Panasonic Stadium, on the twenty-fifth of the same month. Ligue 1 will start on August 6.

This will be Messi’s second season in the capital team and what’s coming up points to a challenging calendar. Meanwhile, La Pulga is enjoying with his kids his well deserved vacation.

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