April 19, 2024

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They make the equivalent of Zelda Paper Mario

They make the equivalent of Zelda Paper Mario

Paper Zelda is one of the most requested games by Nintendo gamers

Paper Zelda has been recreated numerous times by fans

Paper Mario is one of Nintendo's most popular games, which leads to few people not being familiar with this spin-off of the world's most famous plumber. However, in addition to everything that exists about this IP, which will have two installments on Nintendo Switch for the first time thanks to Paper Mario: The Origami King and the remake of Paper Mario and the Millennium Door. However, the truth is that there are a lot of people asking Nintendo for this Jump into Zelda with this spin-off game.

For years now, Nintendo has asked for these Zelda paper development, since there have been several times where fans have created fake trailers for what a game of this type could be like. It seems that there is a follower who wants to take another step forward since he started doing so Create a game that will be Paper Zelda. However, it did so in a completely different way than expected, because in this case it was based on The Legend of Zelda was first released for the NES.

Paper Zelda is one of the most requested games by fans of the franchise

In this sense, it must be said that although we were able to see that fans of the Nintendo superstar series were able to do everything, as was the case with the player who created LEGO figures of divine monsters in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the truth is that Separate- Painter-69 has gone one step further, because it is Create a Zelda sheet from scratchWhich led to him sharing the results of his work on the Reddit forums, noting that he had only been there for three days. You can take a look at the clip below:

[LoZ] I'm making a Zelda paper, still green, I've only been working on it for maybe 3 days
byu/separate-painter-69 inZelda

Whatever the case may be, in the absence of what they can do with the franchise in the future, we have so far Zelda Tears of the Kingdoma video game that showed you could do anything with it, like building Apollo XI to travel to the moon.