July 4, 2022

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They're building PS5 and Xbox from LEGO!  (and you can buy them)

They’re building PS5 and Xbox from LEGO! (and you can buy them)

It is not uncommon for LEGO fans to have one or more consoles at home, and therefore, two of the projects on the LEGO Ideas platform that have caused the most excitement these days are precisely those who want to reproduce the two most sought-after consoles in the world. . Moment.

How to build a PlayStation 5 made of LEGO

BrickinNick user, very fond of LEGO and has a file YouTube channel Dedicated to his creations, he is the one behind these designs. His contribution to the platform came with style, and he revealed a very professional video, in which he reproduces the way he built PlayStation 5 made of LEGO.

Of course, in addition to the console itself, Comes up too. In total, Nick says he’s dedicated More than 110 hours When the project is created and hopefully 10,000 user support, your creation can become an official LEGO set.

The truth is that both the design and the presentation video on the platform are very elaborate.

Both console and console 1: 1 scale, But not only that. Designed Unfold from the inside and reveal 3 hidden scenes inspired by video games. In fact, it can be pulled from the console and viewed on its own.

If you are a big fan, here you are project page to support it.

Xbox Series X, also made with LEGO

However, BrickinNick didn’t stop there and also sent his other great project to the podium, Design, back to 1:1 scale, Xbox Series X, including console, Clear.

The console, in this case, doesn’t offer as much of a challenge as the PS5’s sleeker curves and profile, but it’s equally amazing and what can I say, I don’t even know how to build an ashtray.

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repeatedly, The console is designed to open and display, as in the PS5, three mysterious scenes of video games. In this case the scenes are inspired by the games: Forza, Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčThieves and a Fairy Tale / Elden RingAccording to the designer himself.

Again, if you use Xbox more than PS5, you can show your loyalty to your colors in project page.

The truth is that BrickinNick has already shown more than his talent for building with LEGO. Usually inspired by video games and movie scenes that you like, Selected LEGO 10K Club Member. His design of the Tesla Cybertruck earned him a breather in it. The truth is, it’s another build that works just fine although it obviously can’t fix the horrible side profile a Tesla truck has.

The truth is that the designs have a lot of merit, and at this point, with the PS5 being so hard to get hold of, many LEGOs may want to release it as a set. Because as we continue like this, there will be no other way to get one at home.