June 23, 2024

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This is how technology employees are reinventing themselves in the face of AI labor demand

This is how technology employees are reinventing themselves in the face of AI labor demand

Generative AI fever leads to an unbalanced labor market in the technology sector (Reuters/Dado Rovik)

Fever for artificial intelligence Reports indicate that generation capacity leads to an unbalanced labor market in the technology sector Wall Street Journal (Wall Street Journal). Tech workers are frantically reskilling themselves to adapt to the time when every company is looking to become AI companies, and every employee feels the need to be knowledgeable about this technology.

Demand for specialized AI talent is increasing, especially those with technical knowledge and experience with large language models (LLMs). However, the supply of qualified workers is not sufficient.

In contrast, the remaining employees, who have been laid off in recent years or are still keeping their jobs, are dealing with new management styles, restructurings and small cuts, as companies redirect more resources toward… artificial intelligence.

Tech workers are frantically reshaping themselves to adapt to companies seeking to be leaders in artificial intelligence (Illustrated Image Infobae)

Tony Phillipsco-founder of Training camp artificial intelligence Deep Atlas, has seen a significant increase in the urgency with which tech workers feel the need to update their skills. “People are starting to realize that their jobs can actually become obsolete“, it states. Deep Atlas It had to add more places to its AI summer camp to meet the growing demand.

Meanwhile, great Technology companies They are trying to make their entire workforce more efficient artificial intelligence. Sales forceThis is done through its training platform Road headIt currently offers 43 AI-related courses, from the basics to the ethical use of AI.

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More than 60,000 Salesforce employees have taken at least one AI training course, notes Jayesh Govindarajan, senior vice president of Salesforce AI. “We believe that everyone should be retrained and, in some way, have the tools they need to succeed in this new world,” he asserts.

Job offers that mention AI receive 17% more applications than traditional roles (illustration)

According to the Employment Trends Index Microsoft And LinkedInNumber of members LinkedIn Which add skills such as copilot And ChatGPT To their profiles it was 142 times higher than the previous year. Additionally, job ads that mention artificial intelligence get a mark 17% increase in applications compared to non-AI roles.

Nancy Shaw, founder of recruiting firm Moonhub, notes that many tech workers are specifically looking to work at companies that solve AI problems. She stated that even if they work at a desirable technology company, “these employees are leaving these companies because they want to go to an AI company,” she told The New York Times. Wall Street Journal.

Although jobs in artificial intelligence and machine learning are growing as a percentage of all technology jobs in the United States, they still do not represent a significant share of the global technology job market.

Tech workers prefer companies dedicated to solving AI problems (picture info)

Lightcast It reported that job postings in artificial intelligence and machine learning rose from 9.5% in January 2023 to 11.5% in April 2024. However, this trend is occurring in the context of declining demand for technology workers overall, according to Art ZillyCEO of DHA Groupthe parent company of Tech Jobs Market He says.

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Juliet KelsoHe is a consultant who has worked on projects in Goal And Google Related to identifying employment opportunities Amnesty InternationalI turned to this field about a year and a half ago, before it became too competitive. “I conducted a research project that identified the best AI tools based on company size, business use case, and whether the client wanted to prioritize the most innovative AI offerings or platforms.”he explains Kelso.

Technology companies are investing heavily in artificial intelligence, but they are no longer hiring as much as they did years ago. The role of business consultants is gaining importance, as large companies often start with consulting firms to pilot or prototype AI solutions.

Tony Phillips believes that many technology professionals would like to work for companies that encourage advances in artificial intelligence. Others, like OpenAI, are willing to accept candidates who may lack specific experience but are eager to learn and align with the company’s mission.