February 23, 2024

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This is how the partnership between vivo and ZEISS advances mobile photography

Since the period vivo and ZEISS formed an alliance Aspiring to raise the standards of photography in the world of smartphones, the fruits of this collaboration are evident in terminals such as the impressive Vivo X70 Pro and practically every new device the company brings to the market, but how exactly does this collaboration improve smartphone photography capabilities? This is exactly what we will discover next.

In this sense, Vivo delved into the details of what makes this collaboration unique and how it changes the rules of the game.

digital twins

Digital Twins is one of the advanced technologies that ZEISS brings to the table, it is way to develop camera systems, which includes Lenses creation and designs. According to the company, the in vivo lenses are actually designed for rigorous performance testing, allowing for rapid prototypes and final camera systems.

digital twins

The benefits of this technology translate into Pictures with higher resolution and fewer reflections.

T * coating

T*Coating is a solution that makes lens glass virtually invisible, which also helps reduce reflections and improve image clarity and contrast. This is usually a feature reserved for professional lenses, but ZEISS has implemented this technology in its flagship vivo cameras.

Vivo and ZEISS, an alliance that raises standards

Both vivo and ZEISS have high quality standards, and these standards increase with each product they bring together to the market. Standards are defined all the time from the start and quality objectives are defined. In addition, MTF measures of optical performance are used to assess lens performance and an effort is made to reduce defects.

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Vivo and ZEISS, an alliance that raises standards

To ensure that each new device meets the standards set by both brands; must undergo Tests with up to 150 different camera units and meet 20 quality standards.

Bring the magic of the ZEISS Bokeh effect to the mobile arena

Finally, vivo R&D team and ZEISS engineers have made special effort in Accurately replicate the ZEISS image effect on vivo home devices.

Bring the magic of bokeh effect to mobile

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