December 3, 2021

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This is how you dance: Gregorio Bernia and his daughter Luna a few steps away from the last stretch |  Without breasts there is no paradise |  Telemundo nnda nnlt series |  Colombia

This is how you dance: Gregorio Bernia and his daughter Luna a few steps away from the last stretch | Without breasts there is no paradise | Telemundo nnda nnlt series | Colombia

She and his daughter Luna trained for two months and appeared on the Telemundo dance reality show “Así se baila”. Each week, the Colombian actor and teen convinces the jury and audience to stay in the competition. This is how they made it to the final stage and they are already among the other three favorite couples.

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Besides them, the pairs who made it to the final are Paulo Monárez and Valeria Sandoval. Lorenzo Mendes and Jessica Diaz. They have already reached the final stage of “Así se baila”, a program that premiered September 12 on Telemundo, under the leadership of Jacky Bracamontes.

The three pairs will compete with each other for the most votes that will allow them to stay in the competition and determine the distance. It’s because of that He used his social networks to ask them to vote for him and his daughter Luna, thus winning the dance reality show Telemundo. What did the actor say in “Without Breasts there is no Heaven”? Here are all the details.

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“Así se baila” has been broadcasting since September 12 on Telemundo and is now in the final stage (Photo: Gregorio Pernía/Instagram)

Gregorio Berna and his daughter Luna, great surprises for “Aso Si Paella” a few weeks after the final

His daughter Luna is among the finalists for “Así se baila,” a reality dance show on Telemundo. They compete against another couple: Polo Monares and Valeria Sandoval; Lorenzo Mendes and Jessica Diaz.

At this point, the actor recalled playing Titi in “No Chests, No Heaven” asking his followers to cast the most votes for him to beat the other competing pairs and thus make it to the Grand Final.

“I want to invite you to vote for Luneta and I to reach the final. You can go to the Telemundo page, here is the link. They can vote 100 times if they like me a lot, 200 times. If they like me a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot from Monday to Friday or until the end ,” Bernia said via an Instagram video.

While the 51-year-old Cocotinho is doing everything possible to garner votes for him, there are followers who have expressed their displeasure with the organization of ‘Así se baila’, because they say that from Colombia, the country that Pernía represents, the online application does not work. A similar situation occurs in other Latin American regions such as Peru.

It should be noted that the situation was not easy for Bernia in the “Así se baila”, since they passed many tests. Since their debut, the father and daughter have had to overcome the mistakes they made in their first choreography and improve their performance in each broadcast.

Despite the mistakes they made when the Así se baila competition began, Gregorio Pernía was always willing to learn and help his 15-year-old daughter win the competition.

Even the actor did not listen to his colleagues who advised him not to participate because of his age (51 years), and those who believed that he would not be able to perform the “show” in Mexico.

“I will always be there for you and love you with my soul, my moon. I will do my best and we will climb the mountain together to show you the landscapes I promised you,” Bernia dedicated to her daughter Luna. It only remains to wait a little while to see if the Pernías will succeed in winning the dance reality show.

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