May 27, 2022

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This is the new strategy that aims to multiply its benefits

This is the new strategy that aims to multiply its benefits

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Joseph Oguryan started in Transformation Accelerates from the foundations. Despite the fact that he has already completed a year as head of the media group, there has not yet been a sufficiently consistent course of goals that would allow the company to take decisive steps towards its economic recovery. However, there are no more excuses. The publisher has already submitted a file Strategic Plan 2022-2025.

It’s not three years, but four years included in this document. That is, as her boss commented while introducing himself, they are already intent on working and Participate fully in achieving the set goals.

He promised in 2025 “the company will be completely different.” Prisa set is different from She will leave behind the “mid-level” of her previous board, in O’Gurlian’s own words. To do this, the owner of El País must tighten all his nuts. The CEO himself said he cut his salary by 50%. And that it restructured the directive to avoid having people who “earn a lot” and “don’t contribute anything” to the entity.

“900 million in revenue will be a failure”

To get to the numbers that are set today in black on white, the growth rate must be regular and constant each year. Specifically, one of the main points in the text states that The company will have to grow between 8 and 9% annually to have its revenue exceed 1,000 million euros in 2025.

According to the guidelines set by the management leadership, in less than four years, Brisa’s sales should increase more than 40% compared to 2021 revenue (741 million euros) and be in the “between 950 and 1050 million” range. In addition, “more than half” must come from “digital businesses.” They will move from 30% to 52% of the total.

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Presentation of the Briza Strategic Plan 2022-2025.


Of the importance highlighted by the leader of the conglomerate, revealing at the same time that the biggest burden on El País at the moment is “paper”. That is why, among other obvious reasons in the midst of digital transformation, the Strategic Plan is considering it Daily Veteran brings subscribers to over 400,000 in 2025. It should be remembered that the newspaper closed last year with 177,000.

Regarding the numbers, although the Director made it clear that the logical thing is that the numbers for 2025 are not exactly the numbers agreed upon and might be “1010 or 990”, he also mentioned that getting “900 million euros of income will be a failureAn example that demonstrated the ambition and high demand for strategy.

In the same vein, the Prisa Group intends to enhance its profitability and even exceed the previous figures of the health crisis caused by Covid, indicating that Some EBITDA margins for 2025 are “between 22% and 25%.” In millions, that means 150 million more than the 63 acquired in 2021.

Four years without selling assets

We will not sell assets or make capital increase these years”, Ogurlian settled during the act on several occasions. The head of Brisa made it clear in this sense that the company needed to “focus” and that at this time it did not make sense to dispose of any of its business.

For the first time in the group’s history, a strategic plan was presented with a commitment to achieving it Specific results in the medium term. After the restructuring measures approved in 2021, focusing on our country the concernedand the flexibility provided by the recent refinancing agreement, It is time to look to the future, and rely on the stability that is achieved at the financial and administrative levelsFocus on growth.

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PRISA Media and Podimo reach a strategic agreement to boost the Spanish language audio broadcasting market

PRISA Media and Podimo reach a strategic agreement to boost the Spanish language audio broadcasting market


Specifically the targets set for each of its divisions seem “a priori” extravagant compared to the data reported years ago. By Half expected to arrive Income ‘from 450 million to 500 million euros” in 2025, compared to 383 million in 2021.

For this type of business, the entity evaluated a “A firm commitment” with audio and video. So much so that in view of the impulse they wanted to give to these regions, the Oughourlian regions carried out the creation of two new directions. One of them, the first video, is with Fran Llorente at the helm.

Regarding how Prisa Media is promoted, it is also worth noting that during the presentation, its president explained Importance of selling to “third parties” And for that he joined Lacoproducer. And he commented in the act that it would be fun Putting their own products on platforms “like Netflix, HBO, or MovistarPlus.”

batch for education

For the education business, it is also assumed that the amount entered will be between 450 and 550 million euros within four years. However, for Santayana this growth represents a further escalation since then In 2021, its income closed at 350 million.

Special education will play a key role in achieving this goal as it already represents 70% of the total of income. With this educational model alone, the group expects to bill between 340 and 400 million when the strategic plan is finished.

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