August 19, 2022

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This streaming service will pay you $2,400 to watch 24 hours of superhero documentaries

This streaming service will pay you $2,400 to watch 24 hours of superhero documentaries

This article has been translated from our English version.

As soon as the cold weather comes and the fall begins, the urge to snuggle up and start watching scary movies starts in honor Halloween It becomes almost incomparable.

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And while it’s not uncommon to stay home and have a horror movie marathon in October, the company is willing to pay you to do just that.

Documentary broadcasting service MagellanTV It offers a “paranormal dream job” to pay the intrepid viewer $2,400 to watch paranormal documentaries 24 hours a day.

Required views spans 16 pre-set movies, including titles like Real exorcist And Confessions of a foreign kidnapper.

“Our ideal candidate is brave and ready to confront the specter of paranormal phenomena so haunting that he is willing to watch them 24 hours straight,” MagellanTV said of the lucky winner. “They will be documenting their arduous journey along the way so their followers can join the journey on social media.”

The winner will also get a free one-year subscription to the streaming service.

To apply, interested candidates can complete the official application at website From MagellanTv, which includes questions about the prevalence of supernatural content for each applicant and encourages interested parties to submit a portion of the video (albeit not required) telling the company why it is best for the job.

Submissions will close on October 11 at 5 p.m. PST.

MagellanTV is a documentary film viewing service that hosts more than 3,000 series of documentaries and feature films. It costs $50.88 per yearly subscription.