June 19, 2024

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This Twitter post is no longer free to make money

This Twitter post is no longer free to make money

Tickets to access Twitter Spaces

This type of person probably has no qualms about paying to attend conferences and events on the topics that interest you most. It can be related to your work or simply those topics that attract you on a personal level.

If so, you would agree with us that the pandemic has “stealed” a lot of these events from us and that’s a shame. It is true that some have turned to apps like Zoom to be able to implement them online. Well, now Twitter will be the one to join in with this idea Twitter Spaces and Paid Access.

Yes, Twitter’s audio rooms will allow hosts to set a minimum price that users will have to pay if they want to get there to hear what has to be said there. these Prices range from 1 to 999 dollars / €.

How Ticket Access Spaces Work on Twitter

Well, knowing that Access spaces with tickets Twitter beta testing has already started, and if all goes well, it won’t take long to reach all general users of the platform. How exactly do they work? Well, let’s see that.

Ticket Access Spaces are a new way to monetize users who create content and show support from all those who follow and appreciate their work.

To create a new access space with Ticket, simply do the following:

  1. Open the Twitter app
  2. In the sidebar, go to liquefaction and then Access spaces with tickets
  3. After checking that one can be created, the next step is to create it
  4. Once you have it, you will have to select the ticket amount to access it
  5. When you have it, set the start time and day
  6. Users who want to attend will have to purchase the ticket, but they also need to know that capacity is limited. So either they hurry or they will have to wait for a new queue so that if someone cancels they can get through.
  7. If the space is canceled for any reason before starting, the money will be automatically refunded to the payment method used by the user
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All common questions that may arise with the use of these new features that are already being tested are answered on the Twitter support page.

How to take advantage of paid audio rooms on Twitter

Instagram Music Stories

Knowing what it is and how it works, the next question you might ask yourself is How to take advantage of sound rooms with access to tickets. Well, here we will have to wait and see how the users benefit from the functionality.

It is clear that there are many events that are currently taking place on other platforms, and here, with this ticket system, they can be much more interesting in terms of scope.

For example, he talks about very specific topics like investing in cryptocurrencies, using new technologies like artificial intelligence, etc. Although I wouldn’t rule out that one of the most common uses for it has to do with music, from concerts to practice sessions, recordings, etc.