April 19, 2024

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Tini Stossel moved on with a heartbreaking video titled “Pa,” which she dedicated to her father during his most difficult hours

Tini Stossel moved on with a heartbreaking video titled “Pa,” which she dedicated to her father during his most difficult hours

Teni posted “Pa”, the emotional song he dedicated to Alejandro Stossel

Tenny Stossel He returned to music and did so in a more personal way than ever before. Aside from her dance songs, with TikTok choruses, the singer this time showed a different side with “Da“, a song and video clip he released on Monday evening. There, he brings out a more intimate side when delving into the hospital treatment he underwent. Alejandro StosselHis father, in March 2022, suffered a stomach bleed, which brought him to the brink of death.

This is the first cut from his next album Un mechón de pelo, where it seems to represent a moment of maturity and greater reflection on life. GIFs that are part of her new video show her in the clinic's waiting room. There, on the surface, a conversation appears that seems to be an exact copy of the one he had at that moment, when his father was undergoing surgery.

“Pa” Tiny Stossel’s music video mixes moments of the singer’s life with her father, Alejandro Stossel, and his hospitalization in 2022 (Photo: YouTube)

“Yes, the shows will have to be postponed. Thank you,” Tenney is heard saying, as the camera shows her collapsed, crying, on a bench and a doctor appears through the door asking about “the Stossel relatives.” A very strong beginning, as they go through, with a rotating camera, the singer's happy moments with her father, recalling the happy moments she thought about while the producer was fighting for his life.

“Today I have a new fear that I didn’t have before / It was March and they said I was losing you / I was by your side but I missed you / By God, what was your goodbye that wasn’t ‘I don’t work / And everyone asks me how I was / And I wish I was where I was / The world kept spinning But not for me/Thinking of all we still have to experience,” the 27-year-old artist sings, in deep lyrics where she doesn’t play with the ambiguity of the moment of darkness that has passed.

In her new video “Pa”, Tini Stossel speaks frankly about Alejandro Stossel's hospitalization, the most difficult moment of his life (Photo: YouTube)

Alejandro Stossel himself appears performing in a video where the singer is cast in kindergarten at a young age, singing and dancing as at other times. Teni began her media career with the series Violeta, and the producer actually accompanied her in her performances, strengthening her position as a world-famous artist.

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“It's always been you / The best of me / You taught me to love / To love me / I couldn't accept / Saying goodbye like this / That's why on my knees I asked / For a little longer / Because you're still here / Because out of so many people there's no one to make me So happy / And if I ever leave / You'll never leave / Because every moment you gave me lives in me / Because I'm part of you,” he continues on the roof.

“It was always you/the best of me/you taught me to love/to love me,” sings Tini Stossel on “Pa.” (Image: YouTube)

“I wanted you to hear it from me, not from a third party/ I looked for words to tell you, but they hid/ I wrote love songs, but never to the first person/ And since '97 you've known I love 'you/ In your arms I learned to take risks/ In another life you were my angel / And in this life without you there is no longer Buenos Aires / You taught me everything, but not to give it up,” he says in a song that, a few hours after the premiere, was placed in first place in terms of musical trends on YouTube.

In the movie “Pa”, Tini Stossel experiences the most difficult moment of her life with the hospitalization of Alejandro Stossel (Photo: YouTube)