June 23, 2024

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Torrent PSPV denounces the delay in the opening of the Parc Central health centre

Torrent PSPV denounces the delay in the opening of the Parc Central health centre

Torrent PSPV denounces the delay in the opening of the Parc Central health centreBSPV

Torrent PSPV party condemns Delay in opening new ones clinic From Central Park By the autonomous PP-Vox government, which, as they say, “deliberately delays.” According to the Socialists, this delay “UnjustifiedIt can only be understood as “an attempt to appropriate a project that was designed and implemented by previous progressive administrations, both at the local level and in the state of Valenciana.”

The Torrent City Council purchased the commercial ground floor of the health center in 2018 for €420,000, in a public tender, later transferring it to the regional government for adaptation and commissioning. “It is incomprehensible that Park Central Health Center is at this point It continues without opening its doors to Torrent citizens. It was the progressive government that implemented everything The administrative process and a large part of the business are advanced. The only explanation reasonable “This delay is because the PP-Vox government wants citizens to forget that the health center is an initiative of the previous executive and once again demand the benefits of the socialist project.” Municipal Socialist Group, Andrés Campos.

It should be noted that the air conditioning works for this health service were awarded in March 2022 for a total amount of 1.4 million euros.

The Parc Central Health Center is a long-awaited facility by Torrent residents, who have been waiting for its opening for months. The socialists have emphasized that the center “It is supposed to have been completed and prepared already, as it has been in service for months, but the opening continues to be postponed for no apparent reason.”. “It is another example of the politics of manipulation and obstruction by the People’s Party and Vox, and a disregard for public health. Instead of putting the needs of citizens first, They prefer to slow down vital projects to try to gain political gain and put their personal interests first.“Adds the socialist speaker.

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The socialists demand the immediate opening of the centreIt will allow to relieve congestion in health centers in Torrent Improving user care, reducing waiting times, and providing health workers with the best possible conditions to do their work.