June 23, 2024

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Total War: Pharaoh brings historical realism to strategy games

Total War: Pharaoh brings historical realism to strategy games

Historical accuracy in video games can sometimes seem unnecessary. Of course, the above depends on his gender; One wouldn’t normally expect a title like God of War to contain faithful representations of its real-life counterpart, or for other games to respect the “original image” we have when adapting.

Fidelity isn’t just predetermined for historical titles, because year after year (or delivery after delivery, rather), some sports simulation games take real stats from players, their progress and failures, and port them over to the games to give fans a much-needed sense of reality, at least by console. Control.

But what happens when we take it to the title of strategy, especially one that focuses on history. For years, we’ve found a balance between the tactics and advantages of an army in the real world and the idiosyncrasies of gameplay. This brings us to a review of the latest title in the franchise. Total war. The franchise developed by Creative Assembly has been responsible for taking us through multiple eras of history over the decades, with the final step being a journey through ancient Egypt, seeking to be as detailed as possible to provide a rich experience that takes us into the world. Bronze Age.

Total War: Pharaoh – Why is historical fidelity so important in some video games?

Development team Creative Assembly It shows that the historical section is not just an adornment of the game, but rather important elements that not only affect the visual aspect, but also directly affect the gameplay.

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If we think about ancient Egypt, for example, It is impossible not to think of the Nile River. In Total War: Pharaoh becomes one of the most important elements, because proper management of the resources it provides is the key to the prosperity of civilization. Likewise, climate change can easily transform it from an ally of wealth into an element of ruin through floods, so we must take seasonal changes into account.

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In a similar case we have the burden of religion and the gods and their importance in the players’ strategy, where building temples and worshiping the gods are represented in an authentic way that has a real impact, and this section becomes an essential piece when thinking about combat strategies. Dignitaries Total War: Pharaoh has a great story It can instantly communicate with NPCs and of course with players, with a variety of strategy masters, charismatic commanders, dreamers and other barbarians with unique mechanics that allow you to have different games for each occasion.

Total War: Pharaoh

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Visual representation of Bronze Age Egypt It shows a high level of detail and research to be able to convey the details of relics of the era that were well adapted to the video game. The architecture, climate, daily life and monuments demonstrate the level of immersion in history for all parties involved.