June 23, 2024

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Travis shares new ‘Bus’ preview with LA Times

Travis shares new ‘Bus’ preview with LA Times

On July 12, the Glasgow quartet’s tenth studio album will be released. It will be titled “Los Angeles Times” So far we’ve been able to hear three songs as a preview. The last one is “Bus” which you can listen to below these lines and which maintains the acoustic and pop sound that has always characterized the band’s path. Fran Healy.

“I was on vacation, looking out the window and watching all the boats bobbing in the sea,” Healy says of “The Bus.” “I was trying to write a song and nothing came out. It reminded me of all the years I spent waiting at bus stops. You never think it will come.” But if you wait long enough, it will eventually appear. When I looked out at the sea, at the little sailboats, I imagined all the bands and artists sitting on them waiting for that bright wind, which would carry them to fame and fortune, and in the midst of all these thoughts, a little melody came to me But great and I wrote this song minutes later.”

To accompany the song, the group also shared a video filmed in Scotland and featuring the comedian Adam Buxton As a guest star. Buxton is a member of the duo Adam And Joe, runs a podcast, and has signed scripts, comic books, etc. Buxton himself commented on his appearance, saying that he feels “honored that at least part of my face is in the new video by a band I love. My dream now is to one day have a full-body look.” [risas]…You have to start somewhere.”

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