June 12, 2024

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True colors can be seen in a full 13-minute game

There is very little left for sale Life is Strange: True Colors and Square Enix and Deck Nine Games to warm up their engines for their impending launch. That is why they invite us to see 13 minute game Which seems to correspond to the first bars of adventure, at the time when protagonist Alex Chen arrives in the town of Haven Springs, Colorado.

The entire video is located in Record store where we meet stibeth and ryanTwo of the most important characters in the plot. So much so that, depending on the decisions we make, we will maintain a relationship of friendship or love with each one of them.

Facing the end of the video, she briefly shows one of the main characteristics of the title, such as Alex’s supernatural powers. Thanks to them you will be able to. Feeling, absorbing, or manipulating emotions severe from others, who perceive them as halos colored depending on the mood conveyed by the other person.

Remember to arrive Life is Strange: True Colors will happen one day September 10 On PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia and PC via Steam, except for the Nintendo Switch, where you’ll see the light of day. It was supposed to come the same day too Life is Strange: The Remastered Collection, but Square Enix mentioned it recently Delayed until early 2022 To allow time to develop it well.