August 19, 2022

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Twitch leak reveals the most popular banner ads and how much money they make

Twitch leak reveals the most popular banner ads and how much money they make

Last week, mayhem Located on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Overshadowed by another important social media event: a mega event twitch leak. Hackers managed to extract private information from the portal and exposed it Who are the most popular broadcasting channels and how much money do they earn from the platform.

AuronPlay via Twitter

Rumors about the break-in began early Wednesday morning, when pirates Anonymous users posted a 125GB file on the 4chan platform. They claimed it contains “all” Twitch: source code, passwords, metrics, and even the payments it receives highest paid twitch During the past two years.

After several hours of uncertainty, the video game streaming platform confirmed hacking and data theft.

“We can confirm that there was access to our systems. Our teams are working urgently to understand the scope of what happened.”The portal, which is owned by a subsidiary of Amazon, was confirmed on Twitter. It also recommended that all of its users change passwords.

The hackers said their target is “Enhancing confusion and competition in the video broadcast space.”

How Much Do Highest Paid Twitch Users Make?

Once the attack was confirmed, the data that attracted the most attention was Profits of the most famous “Touchers”. You may think that streaming your video games online will not leave as much earnings as being a YouTuber, instagrammer or twitstar, but you will change your mind.

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u streamer decisive role won more than $9.6 million From 2019 until now. The second is xQcoW With $8.4 million, followed by top 1g With $5.8 million.

Despite its popularity in many parts of the world, “twitchers” in Spanish They are still far from these amounts. Who are these, Barcelona? AuronPlay Is the best, since then 3 million dollars They put him at number 9 on the list. ebay janus In 18th place with 2.3 Millions of dollars And rooibos I barely made it to 35th place with 1.75 Millions of dollars.

He was one of the “abandoned” who talked about this topic ebay janusWho said this? Don’t take Twitch as a job. Aspiring streamers recommended doing this during free time “Until you make sure you can live off this.”. He also stressed the importance of finishing school and continuing to work, because money would not come immediately or in large amounts to just anyone.

“Don’t let yourself be clouded by the numbers we’re getting. It’s not real. AuronPlay There is one There will be nothing else again. […] I really see a lot of obsession with wanting to be a streamer, because it’s thought that you stream on Twitch and you’re a millionaire, which is totally a lie! “, via eBay in a video shared on Twitter.