February 23, 2024

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"Unbelievable, unbelievable": the conversation between Alonso and his engineer in Canada

“Unbelievable, unbelievable”: the conversation between Alonso and his engineer in Canada

Fernando couldn’t dig through the second virtual safety car

The Spaniard puts his head in his hands when he leaves the hole and sees where he is

The conversation between Fernando Alonso and his engineer reveals the Spaniard’s frustration after racing conditions were not in their favor in Canada.

When the fans raised their hands to their heads Alps He allowed the second virtual safety car to pass, which was raised by Mick Schumacher on lap 20, and did not stop Fernando Alonso. Stephen Ocon He stopped just one lap before, on lap 19.

What happened was that Carlos Sainz Alonso was leading the race when the second virtual safety car came out and grabbed them past the Pit-Lane entrance. Carlos had time to turn around and stop, but not Fernando… for a very short time.

DAZN collected the conversation between Fernando and his engineer just before the first stop. The Spaniard came out in the middle frame. In the conversation, you can see how the Engineer explains that if they stopped when they planned, they would start with fifth before Ocon. However, Fernando, unsatisfied, thinks they can’t wait that long as he feels they are losing time.

Engineer: “At the moment, in our stopping window, we leave the hole in fifth before Esteban. We will leave four seconds before Esteban. His last lap was…”.

Alonso: “We’re going to lose a lot of time! We’re going to lose a lot of time with these cars! So think about it.”

Engineer: “Understood.”

Fernando ends up stopping on lap 28, eight laps behind the virtual safety car. When his engineer tells him about the condition of the race after going through the pits, it’s Fernando who puts his head in his hands.

Engineer: “Bottas is behind on a hard tyre, he hasn’t stopped yet. Leclerc is up front, also on a hard tyre, and he hasn’t stopped. He complained about the grip. In front of Leclerc, Esteban, on nine laps.”

Alonso: “Unbelievable, unbelievable.”

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