July 5, 2022

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Updated values ​​on Saturday

Updated values ​​on Saturday

The rise in gasoline directly affects the jeep drivers The questions are frequent. What is the cost of fuel in Spain?

In recent weeks, both gasoline and diesel have seen growth big It has arrived Historic heights.

How does gas discount work?

To mitigate the repercussions of the energy crisis, it was announced on Friday, April 1st 20 cents discount per liter decided by the government. The scholarship will be extended until 30 June.

The Discount I know Applicable at time of paymentThis is why gas station billboards reflect market prices.

has evolved the prices subordinate gasoline And dieselWith them Key values employment Spain. This updated Daily With taxes included (and compared to the previous day and historical maximum), it always indicates Price in EUR per liter.

Gasoline price:

Today yesterday absolutely high
95- Gasoline:
  • 1795 EUR
  • 1798 EUR
  • 1873 EUR
  • Gasoline 98:
  • 1932
  • 1935 EUR
  • 2,003 euros
  • diesel price:

    Today yesterday absolutely high
    diesel A:
  • 1,813 euros
  • 1,819 euros
  • 1,870 euros
  • Diesel A+:
  • 1893 EUR
  • 1902 EUR
  • 1956 Euro
  • diesel b:
  • 1406 EUR
  • 1410 EUR
  • 1434 EUR
  • LPG price:

    Today yesterday absolutely high
    liquefied petroleum gas:
  • €0.975
  • €0.974
  • €0.974
  • Source: Ministry of Environmental Transformation and Demographic Challenge.

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    In order to reduce the consequences unstoppable rise in fuel prices, The best solution is to apply Effective Leadership Techniques In addition to resorting to some Gasoline tricks:

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