June 25, 2022

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Uruguay drew the series with New Zealand for the Davis Cup

Uruguay drew series with New Zealand for the Davis Cup

By hand. Uruguay drew 1-1 with New Zealand in the qualifying round of the Davis Cup Group 1. The series takes place in Las Vegas, on rough courts and outdoors. Pablo Cuevas made history by reaching the point of the South American team.

In the first singles match, Ignacio Karo lost 6-4, 6-2 to Rubin Statham, then in a neutral match, defeating Kiev’s senior Ajit Roy by the same score.

With this victory, Uruguay’s Pablo Cuevas, who had won the Davis Cup singles and doubles with a total of 30 singles and 13 pairs, now trailed Marcelo Filipini, who took 42 (31-11).

The Uruguayan team, led by Enrique Perez, will face New Zealand in Las Vegas, USA, who will not go down to World Group II. The series is played at the Darling Tennis Center, which is not a regular venue for Uruguayans.

Heavenly Representatives: Pablo Cuevas, Ariel Behr, Ignacio Caro, Franco Roncadelli and Francisco Lance of San Diego. On this occasion, Martin Cuevas was expelled from the premises for being positive to Covit-19.

On Saturday, Uruguay’s doubles team will consist of Ariel Behr and Karo, and will be led by Artem Zidak and Michael Venus, followed by Pablo Cuevas with Statham in the first round of the singles division, so the final match will be between the two. Caro and Roy.