May 17, 2022

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Use of Articles in Link Building


Any product can be promoted in innumerable ways through the use of Articles. Your products can be showcased through Articles by highlighting various facets and features in numerous attractive and imaginable ways. In fact, there is no limit as to the number of ways a product can be narrated through Articles. A product can be described and promoted in multiple ways such as to both B2C and B2B audiences, explained indepth or with a simple description, shown its features and benefits, explained by use cases by audience types, promoted as combos with other products, explained fully in a single article or explained over several articles feature by feature, benefit by benefit, etc., written in short or long Articles.

The promotion of Articles exposes the product in multiple ways through your website, search engines, blog posts and various inbound links. These can be leveraged to gain invaluable Link Building advantages. Read on to learn more. Check PerfectLinkBuilding, best seo services new zealand for promotional plans.

Identify Problems & Promote Solutions

One of the greatest ways in promote your Articles and build your links through your website and web pages is to identify the users’ problems and offer solutions to solve those problems using your Articles. Irrespective of the product or service you offer, you have to create Articles that solve people’s real-life problems. Here, people in the broader sense refers to both domestic customers and business profiles. Both customers and businesses have numerous challenges in their day-to-day activities and hence, they constantly look for tips, strategies and answers that will ease their workloads or improve their life experiences. To know what problems people face, you can use Ahref research tool and find out the popular topics that your competitors are usng for their Articles. These topics will throw light on the current and prevailing problems, issues and situations. Once you know the people’s real problems, you can offer solutions that are custom-made for these problems and situations, and attract an incredible number of users to your Articles and thereby, get traffic to your website. Learn More about here.

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Identify Issues & Provide Answers

You can watch the prevailing trends and write extensively on how to manage and overcome present situations and problems. As a solution provider, you can write not only about dealing with problems but also about the various opportunities that the new trends and situations have created for the various types of users. You can give solutions through a series of Articles and let the users click-through to other Articles to get a comprehensive view of the solutions that you are offering for these issues instead of putting all the ideas into one Article. You can present the various solutions through interconnected Articles and encourage users to visit inter-related Articles using the backlinks on all your Articles and get more website traffic and business conversions.

Identify Trends & Present Topics

Social Media platforms, especially Twitter, reveal the current, live and happening topics every moment and every day from the moment these trends and scenes emerge. You can use the prevailing topics that are trending and present your Articles with exciting updates, news, events, activities and contests. You can use the trends to define the course of your Articles while the trends are still alive and get as much attention and engagement from your audience. To achieve this, you have to use innovative methods and ideas which make the users take notice and look back. Otherwise, the ensuing mess up will seriously hurt your brand image and cause counterproductive results that affect your reputation for a long time.

Identify Audiences & Prepare Content

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Not all products appeal to all audiences. You typically know who your audiences are when you are promoting your products through your Articles. Each Article may appeal to a different audience based on the subject and topics discussed there in. But, collectively your brand appeals to one broad audience set who will buy few of your products and services based on their specific situations, needs and budgets. So, when you are writing your Articles you need to know who you are targeting and find out their preferences, geography, pain points and all such factors that will make the  right connection with your audience to get substantial results in terms of the business as well as the Link Building process.

Identify Needs & Promise Succour

When it comes to the types of needs, there are primary, secondary and tertiary needs for your users. You have to know these needs and more, you have to know how to appeal to these three different levels of needs while writing your Articles that promise to solve their problems.To make your Link Building efforts more purposeful, you can use each of your customers’ needs as opportunities to pitch your products and solutions through tailor-made Articles and gain significant links to your landing page, related Articles and conversion page.

Identify Concepts & Use Context

You have to find the right marketing plank which is the right concept to write your Articles. These concepts should be in such a way that your users will identify with their life and situations and will want to peek into and learn more about. Just ensure your Articles have the contextual reference to concepts that your potential customers and readers are willing to read and promote them keeping in view both business goals and Link Building objectives.

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Identity & Leverage Link Building Opportunities

You have to use every single opportunity or create opportunities to build links within your Articles. Every backlinked page that you are linking to from each of your Articles contributes in multiple ways towards your Link Building efforts and help more customers visit your web pages and spend more time on these pages which will lead to the improvement of your Domain Authority scores and increases your chances of making good revenue.


Link Building is an art and you will have to write Articles eloquently and creatively with a view to add flair, flavour, poise and strength by your innovative approach and writing style. The better you control and manage your Articles’ promotions, the better and higher your Link Building results are.