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Victoria remains the leader of Honduran football and Real Sociedad leaves the basement

This content was published on February 28, 2022 – 00:42

Tegucigalpa, February 27 (EFE). – Victoria fell 2-1 to Vida, but maintained their spot as the leader of the Honduran Clausura while Real Sociedad beat Marathon 1-0 on Sunday and were knocked out last in the seventh-place finish. day.

The students of Portuguese Fernando Mira won with two goals from Brazilian Patrick Ferreira and Marco Velasquez. Victoria closed the distance with Damien Ramirez.

Victoria had 15 points, two points over Olympia and three points over Motagua, both from Tegucigalpa.

Real Sociedad added its second victory today, with a goal by Ronnie Martinez at the expense of a marathon led by Uruguayan coach Martin Garcia.

With this victory, Real Sociedad became penultimate with eight points, and relegated to the second division Platense, who lost today 2-0 to Motagua, one of the so-called “big four” in Honduran football.

Managed by Honduran Argentine Diego Vázquez for eight years, Motagua had better control of the ball and created more danger in Platence’s goal.

Argentine Franco Oligo and Paraguay Roberto Moreira handed Motagua, who is now third with 12 points, the victory.

Vazquez made his final game for Motagua today after the club’s board of directors announced the dismissal of the coach for poor performance the day before.

A native of San Martin, Mendoza County, he won a five-time championship with Motagua and qualified for eleven domestic finals and three international finals, according to the club.

Olympia Universidad thrashed Pedagogica 3-0 on Saturday and finished second in the competition, with 13 integers.

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Olympia, the four-time champion of Honduras led by Argentine Pablo Lavalin, was overwhelming in the face of the university students.

In the 31st minute, Edwin Rodriguez scored the first goal and in the 45th minute Axel Gomez scored an own goal, sending Universidad Pedagogica out of control.

Olimpia, the most famous and successful Honduran football team, with 34 titles since the founding of the Honduran Football First Division in 1965, cemented its lead in the 86th minute through Cristhian Altamirano.

Real Spain, which includes Argentine Hector Vargas on the bench, also won 3-0 over Honduras Progreso.

A double from Argentina’s Ramiro Roca and another Carlos Bernadette goal gave Real Spain the victory, which is in fifth place, with nine units. EFE

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