May 17, 2022

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Video: This is what Mariana Gomez looked like when she appeared on "La Voz Colombia"

Video: This is what Mariana Gomez looked like when she appeared on “La Voz Colombia”

Mariana Gomez. Photo: Instagram @marianagomez

Remembered for her participation in “La Reina del Flow” and “La Reina del Flow 2” as “Hurricane Irma”, few remember the perfect test she gave Mariana Gomez When Caracol Televisión presented its second edition of reality Colombia Voice. Today viewers see it every night on screens that represent the life of the famous music singer Arelys Henao.

on time, Gomez He wasted all the talent he had on song “The Rat with Two Legs” had four jurors on the show who were looking for top musical talent to launch him to stardom. The young woman stayed with the romantic Andres Cepeda And although he didn’t manage to win, from there he started a long way to becoming Arelys Henao’s representation in a bionovela.

On Confessions on Red Más, the actress revealed that her greatest dreams were music and acting, recalling that previously the doors were always open for her, but in acting, it was her first role in the series. ‘crazy of you’.

“The moment the coaches turned around was one of those light moments because I had a very difficult moment in my life, very difficult, with a lot of insecurities, with a lot of uncertainty, I just finished my career, but I don’t have the resources to start my music project”Gomez recalled his time at “La Voz Colombia”, where Ricardo Montaner, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Fanny Lo and Andrés Cepeda were jurors.

On the other hand, the talented actress remembered that when she entered the music competition she was treated as arrogant and honest, but that she always had the support of her family and friend to move forward in the face of negative comments and continue to do so. She made her way into the world of performance which led her to also participate in productions such as “Loquito por ti”.

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In her 2013 audition, Mariana Gomez appeared before the “La Voz Colombia” jury with a completely different look than what her followers are used to seeing. At the time, the actress opted to wear her blonde hair a little shorter than it looks today, with a slightly softer makeup and flaunt her youth, because her face hasn’t seen any noticeable changes since that day.

Currently, Mariana Gomez brings to life the queen of popular music “Arelys Henao, I sing so as not to cry”, and she confirmed that this means a huge challenge for her acting career because from the moment she was called to translate the protagonist in this Caracol channel production, he was completely surprised by the news.

“(…) I suddenly got this role from the story of the woman who represents the woman, in the struggle against abuse and abuse and many other things that we will see in history”, He indicated in an interview with the “La Red” program, in which he detailed some of the operations that he had to perform in order to harmonize with his character.

“I think one of the biggest challenges was finding that Arelys that we don’t know, who the girl and the teen and the young man are. We see, today, the queen of popular music for what she is, but to be able to create all that part that we don’t know and Having to turn to their own resources to create this character but we already know about it, it was a tough but awesome task”, outlined Albiza, who highlighted the importance of Arelys Henao’s embodiment of her acting life.

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