June 20, 2024

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What are the best cities in the world?

Like every year, weekly Economist He revealed his study of the most livable cities in the world. A ranking of those who are completely upset by the corona virus infection, Areas that have better managed the health crisis are at the forefront.

European metropolitan areas have fallen in favor New Zealand, Japan or Australia, reveals the 2021 edition released on Wednesday, due to swift action against Kovit-19. So, Auckland tops the list, Followed by the Japanese city of Osaka. The Australian city of Adelaide is third on the podium for its part. Cities Tokyo (Japan) and Wellington (New Zealand).

Auckland tops list due to successful approach to having Govt-19 infection It allowed the company to stay open and the city to have better performance In terms of education, culture and the environment “, underscores the message that comes with research.

Europe is falling

On the contrary, European cities performed particularly poorly In this year’s edition. Vienna (Austria), which was considered the sweetest city between 2018 and 2020, slipped to 12th place and the German city of Hamburg dropped to 34th place, to 47th.

As specifically mentioned in the study “Stress on hospital resources They have increased for most German and French cities “and” restrictions on movements and meetings Limited cultural offer“.

The most spectacular rise of this 2021 edition was recorded by Honolulu in Hawaii, USA. The city ranks 14th, thus ranking 46th place “Thank you Great improvement in the way the infection is contained And use the vaccination program. “Due to the civil war, life in Damascus (Syria) is a very difficult city.

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