August 15, 2022

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What do Dominican MLB players say about the World Baseball Classic?

What do Dominican MLB players say about the World Baseball Classic?

Some of the most important Dominican baseball stars in the major leagues have revealed their intention to participate in the upcoming World Cup.

Surrounding celebrations Major League Baseball All-Star Game They provide a perfect opportunity to chat with the main characters of the game on various topics. Sure, in every part there is talk about his performance, about team performance or about issues related to free agency, but 2022 presents an interesting opportunity where another topic is added, world classic baseball.

During the meeting of the players and the press yesterday, several Dominican stars were questioned about the possibility of participating in the World Cup, considering that they had already been selected. Nelson CruzHitter assigned to Washington citizensAs a team manager.

Dominican Space Opening Game Journalists Ricardo Rodriguez and Finn Araujo, shared several videos in which Dominican players express not only their desire to participate, but also the honor he represents for them.

“I always said yes the moment they called me and I am one hundred percent for it (participate in the World Classic).DSince I was young, I’ve represented the country in many Little League tournaments and I hope to do so soon in the World Classic. I was about to represent the country in the World Cup for the small tournaments and didn’t make it, but now I have a new chance to be a champion with my country“, He said John Sotothe final winner in HR Derby and companion cross In the Citizens.

Julio Rodriguezwho came in second HR Derbyalso expressed in terms similar to those of Soto.

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If they give me the chance I’ll be available to play (in the classical world). One of my biggest dreams is to participate in the World Classics, so if they give me the chance, I’ll be therecandidate said general beginner subordinate American League.

The person who already has experience in the tournament is Mane Machadowho was one of the main faces of the 2017 team.”Minister” He said: “If they let me, I’m there. Wherever they put me I play, even DH. The most important thing about it is to wear the jacket which, Dominican says, is a source of pride, it’s the best thing in the world.“.

Jose Ramirez It was clear in stating that “What I love is winning. Trying to win the Dominican Republic would be a source of pride for me. I do what they understand I can help“.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. He indicated that if he was healthy and given the opportunity, he would also wear the Dominican shirt. “For our land, we play anywhere“, pointed out.

Veteran Starling Mars He indicated that he would also like to return to the championship. “God willing, we will be there with the team and support our flag there and defend the colors. Everything asks God for health, without health one cannot be there“, He decided.

Finally a launcher Louis Castle, one of the main Dominican arms in MLB also said he is committed to the cause. “We ask God to be there and give us the opportunity to raise the flag high. If there is health and the team allows it, we will be present and we will go there“.