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What type of electric motors are there in cars?

What type of electric motors are there in cars?

The world of electric cars is changing the concept of mechanics compared to fossil fuel engines. Maintenance is easier and cheaperBecause it eliminates parts, filters and oils by leaving the combustion aside; s Batteries are important while keeping the engine running.

Although these compounds are listed under the broad heading electric carsThere, how can there be differences in the type of engine they equip. In the market there Two large sets of electric motors, synchronous and asynchronous, With subgroups in the first of these species. These are the most common motors you can find in the electric vehicle market.

synchronous reluctance motor

It is a synchronous motor with a rotor with metal parts, in which The current is switched by coil which creates a rotating magnetic field, which attracts the poles of the rotor and, accordingly, generates torque. They are durable and relatively inexpensive to manufacture, ideal for those looking for low noise or vibration while driving. On the contrary, they lose these advantages when rotating at low revolutions.

permanent magnet synchronous motor

It is quiet and compact, in addition, it solves the problem of vibrations at low revolutions, although it is more expensive than the previous model. be equipped with magnets, It does not induce magnetic field, so there are no losses in the rotor. The flux can be radial (most common) or axial, depending on the position of this magnetic field: perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the rotor or integrated into the wheels.

Asynchronous or induction motor

It is neither light nor compact, but reliable and quiet, although induction can generate energy losses and overheating. In this type of engine, Electric current passes through the stator Which generates the magnetic field needed to rotate the car. It works with alternating current, which can be single-phase or three-phase.

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Two other types of electric motors

There are two other types of electric motors: Synchronous with switched or variable impedance and without permanent brushes. The first is not very strong but powerful. It works thanks to the passage of current through the coils, which generates a rotating magnetic field. The second type is more used in Hybrid cars It uses direct current instead of alternating current.