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What you should know about the future home of Super Bowl LVIII

What you should know about the future home of Super Bowl LVIII

Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas will host the game that will determine the NFL champion for the first time in its history

What is with you las vegas raidersMark Davis named his team's new home the “Death Star” in 2020 and the name stuck.

he Loyalty StadiumWith its black facade, it really looks like the space station from the movies. star Wars This is capable of destroying planets.

he Future stadium The main stage will be on February 11 when Kansas City Chiefs And San Francisco 49ers Facing each other first power in Las vigas.

Like the unique city that surrounds it, the stadium has some unique features that set it apart from other NFL stadiums. Among the most prominent is the field.

Because the Raiders insist on playing on natural turf, even indoors, the field is almost always outside to catch the sun and folded inside the building for games. Arizona Cardinals Stadium, former home of the team poweruses a similar transportation system.

The NFL is responsible for maintaining the stadium before… power The surface is closely monitored. No one wants a repeat of what happened last year in Glendale when players slipped on the turf at Glendale Stadium power that Heads They beat the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35.

“This surface has been fed since the time the grass was even planted powersaid Jeff Miller, NFL vice president of communications. “It has been maintained using a series of tools and metrics… Our field management expert has been working on this for weeks and has visited the field repeatedly and will do so over the next two weeks.” In anticipation of the match.

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Former footballer George Touma criticized field maintenance last year but expressed confidence in new manager Nick Pappas.

“You will see it now Las vigasTouma warned that they would have the best field in history.

Other features of Allegiant Stadium

Large sliding doors open to the sector Las vigas and that it could be opened to contain an outdoor component, although it remained closed during Raiders games despite the drop in temperature.

Al Davis Memorial Torch with Round Base. An electric bonfire is lit by a celebrity or important person before each Raiders game.

In front of the torch, on the benches in the end zone, is usually placed a 19-piece tape that is played before games and during timeouts. Other artists such as Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and Joseph “Rev Run” sometimes join them for the first half.

All stadiums have a VIP area, however Loyalty Stadium It contains some of the most exclusive seating in the stadium near the north end zone. There are 29 cabins, each accommodating 15 people.