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“Who’s in Your Head”: The Jonas Brothers’ New Song That Brings Together Legendary Composers | Music

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The Jonas Brothers They are back! Probably one of the most repeat headlines in the past two years, surprising the whole world in March 2019 Back after years of silence And a song called sucker. But what seemed like a one-off meeting with an included disk (happiness begins), was a consolidation of the trio formed by Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas, who have had music to give us for a while.

Once the summer started, they released a great announcement that also accompanied a new song: The Jonas Brothers were on a world tour. Both the song and its tour They were called by the same name, remember this. Sincere greetings to those people who give meaning to a group like yours: all their fans. And we really want to bring the music to life in a great concert, to forget everything we’ve been through lately.

And yes, they announced a full tour with her that started last August In different parts of the United States, with singer Kelsey Ballerini as the opening chapter, and it will continue to be quite safe in another part of the world. Will you pass through our country? We hope that is so! But in the meantime, the Jonas Brothers brightened our wait by making big announcements on that North American tour, including new music.

Max Martin and Rami Yacoub from behind who’s in your head

At their show on September 5 in Denver, the trio debuted an already officially released song called who’s in your head. And immediately after the ceremony, the best evidence came that their departure was imminent, as they published An excerpt from that song on his official TikTok profile announces that September 17 will be the big day. About 180,000 users of the social network showed their support for the news by pressing the “Like” button.

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And we already have it here! In addition, they counted for their formation with the “Dream Team” who had not joined in 15 years. We are talking about Max Martin and Rami Yacoub, Asmaa may not seem familiar to you at first glance, but she is behind some of the most important successes that occurred two decades ago, such as Oh I did it again, from Britney SpearsOh shape of my Heart subordinate Backstreet boys. The Swedish songwriting duo reached their peak of success in the early 2000s with these songs and soon after they stopped working together. Until now.

Joe Jonas, the most talked about

Within the song, Joe took the lead role. His impressive streak precedes the first round from who’s in your head He left everyone speechless, although another Nick isn’t far behind. And the topic is the most attractive! Yes, it would be hard for us to get it out of our heads on the first listen.

At the moment, its official video has yet to be released, although it will arrive much sooner than we can imagine. And you, what do you think of the new Jonas Brothers?

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