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With flowers and stuffed animals: this is how Anuel AA confirms his relationship with Yailin

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Pictured, Puerto Rican urban translator Anuel AA. EFE / Javier Belfer / File

After Puerto Rican singer Anuel A. A and Colombian Carol J. Ending their relationship a year ago, the artist was recently seen in the viral company of Dominican artist Yalin La Mas, a 21-year-old artist who started her career in 2019 with a penchant for the urban genre.

Weeks ago, there was a rumor that the Puerto Rican had started a new romantic relationship with Yaiilin. The singers were seen in recent days in various entertainment centers in the Dominican Republic without confirming or denying whether the relationship was out of professionalism.

but nevertheless, The artist uploaded a post on her Instagram account to confirm the news. The video shows how he receives some flowers and teddy bears that the Puerto Rican has sent to the Santo Domingo clinic, where he is recovering from plastic surgery.

“Silence, thank you for making me happy in such a short time Enmaaa”, Yaiilin wrote in the description of the passage. Anuel replied with several emojis that he was accompanied by a phrase: “My (…) is more mine than yours.”

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This wouldn’t be Anuel’s first gift to the Dominican. A few days ago, the artist showed herself on her social networks With some fancy jewelry worth $100,000, presumably from Puerto Rico. Yaiilin has also been seen at several Reggaeton concerts.

For his part, Karol G is also supposed to have a new love. In various entertainment portals dedicated to following in the footsteps of celebrities, as well as some fan clubs on Instagram, they noticed a strange affinity between the translator of ‘200 copas’ with the famous urban music singer Feid.

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“I don’t take off the jacket you gave me because it smells like you.”And That was the tune the singer shared as the first single, on December 17, 2021. Although many are speculating that it could also be a new song.

Another scene that caught the eye was on December 24 when he posted his new motorcycle and it was seen The artist was wearing a jacket with the image of one of Fayd’s songs on it.

Although the couple has already ended their relationship, they maintain a strong friendship, which they allowed to see on their social networks.

In December 2021, the singer fell off stage, and days later the translator of ‘Tusa’ uploaded a picture with Anuel thanking him for his support.

“I have no words to describe this moment. Hundreds of thousands of things went through my head between what it used to be, what we live in and how things have changed. It was many years of happiness together, and even though that phase of our lives is over, loyalty and gratitude They are still the same. You are such a brilliant person that I will always admire you. Thank you for making my night last night even more special.”, the Colombian wrote in honor of her former Puerto Rican partner.

The musician, although he did not make a publication like Carol’s, shared the photos that his ex-girlfriend had posted on his Instagram account stories.. “Those are the exact words. I am so proud of you, the woman you have become And all that you have achieved (…) of all that you will achieve”, commented.

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