A new right for women to leave. In New Zealand, those who experience miscarriage or give birth to an unborn child are entitled to special three-day leave under a new law passed by the New Zealand Parliament. Their spouse may also benefit from this. This paid leave, which was adopted on Wednesday evening, March 24, will prevent women from going on sick leave.

Labor MP Childbirth is still a commonly forbidden subject.

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“The grief that comes with a miscarriage is not a disease, it is a loss, it takes time to recover physically and mentally from such a loss,” he told parliament. He explained that only the woman who lost the child and her partner would not benefit from this leave. It can also be given to parents who want to have a child by car (rental vehicle).

She explained that the law is part of a long legislative tradition that has made New Zealand a pioneer country for women’s rights. In 1893, New Zealand became the first country to grant women the right to vote. “If we are one of the first, we will not be the last. I hope other countries will begin to legislate for a fair and compassionate leave system that recognizes the pain and suffering it brings. Miscarriage or the birth of an unborn child,” he said.

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