August 19, 2022

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Year 2 Evening: eBay Janus Year 2 Evening, Live: Battles and Shows for the Spanish Broadcasting Event

Year 2 Evening: eBay Janus Year 2 Evening, Live: Battles and Shows for the Spanish Broadcasting Event

11:10 | Confirmed, yes, it’s Bad Bunny who came by surprise on this evening’s red carpet. Here are the pictures:

11:00 | Surprise in the evening! Bad Bunny hits the red carpet. The reggaeton singer surprises all the guests with his presence. Soon we will tell you more about the presence of the interpreter “Vete” at this wonderful event.

10:50 | The red carpet continues for Year 2 Evening. All guests are commenting on what inspired them to wear their clothes!

10:47 | The first presenter of The Evening of the Year 2 will appear. Currently there are over a million people watching him on eBay!

10:43 | eBay wants it All the boxers in the event are having fun Even if there is a loser.

10:41 | The red carpet begins for Year 2 evening. There is eBay. Organized everything!

10:30 | transition Through the Ibai Llanos channel on Twitch It begins. We will take you everything that happens from the other side of the “pool”!

10:24 | Here I leave you a series of all the streamers who traveled to Spain to be a part of eBay Janos’ 2nd year evening.

The ring is ready for the evening of the second year

10:18 | That’s what eBay Janos thought of a sophomore evening. Make it successful, Ibai!

10:15 | After 15 minutes of starting, I leave you a little training I see for this great evening. It must be said that mexican streamer He didn’t start out as a favourite in his fight.

10:08 | This is what it looks like bell Where we will see the best Banners Goes with everything

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MARCA and its special cover for the sophomore evening

10:06 | For those who don’t want to believe it’s a very, very big event, here’s the special MARCA cover for that event. eBay is the new king of Don!

Year’s Evening Predictions 2

10:00 | Different Twitter users They put in their personal profiles Forecasts To fight tonight. Here I leave you some.

Year Two PM: Schedule and Where to Watch

Leave Information about this stream. Great night for cool banners is today and here they are Everything you need to know about a sophomore evening.

Brand Claro friends And fans streamers…the day has come. This is itSunday 25 June will run out evening of the second yearorganized by ebay janus. On this wonderful night in Spain, many Spanish speaking streamers will face each other in boxing ringbetween every fight We will have a show of several artists I got off the internet. So without further ado, stay tuned because here we have all the information at the time of this event.