May 20, 2024

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Your next credit card could have a built-in OLED screen

Your next credit card could have a built-in OLED screen

Sentry Enterprises has introduced a revolutionary credit card called Radiance with an OLED panel that lights up when a payment is made

The Radiance credit card lights up when you pay

Today, the use of cash to make purchases in institutions is becoming less and less, as the vast majority of users have done so One or more credit or debit cards that we link to Google Pay or Apple Pay So we can pay using our smartphone or smart watch. There are even some new banks like Revolut that offer you virtual and/or disposable cards so you can Make online purchases more securely.

Despite this, innovations continue to come to physical credit cards, as a couple of years ago we learned that Samsung was working on cards with a built-in fingerprint reader, and now Sentry It just announced a credit card with a built-in OLED display.

Sentry is revolutionizing the payment card market by introducing Radiance, the card that lights up when you pay

A few days ago, Sentry Enterprises was officially launched A new and innovative credit card called RadianceIt is a card that is characterized by being equipped The OLED panel lights up when you push With the same thing.

With Radiance, Sentry wants to offer banks a card that's modern in them The bank logo lights up when paying with it. But this card is not only focused on marketing, as it also has its useful role by allowing users to do so Find out if a card is in the EMV payment range more easilyan IC card and POS interoperability standard with integrated circuit support that has been previously adopted The three main credit card companies: VISA, Mastercard and Europay.

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In this regard, Sentry confirmed that Radiance cards It can be issued as VISA or Mastercard And ready to make contactless payments through EMV Contactless, because this They receive the energy needed to light the panel through RFIDIt is the technology that allows payments to be made through NFC technology.

finally, Medium OLED information It has confirmed that the OLED screen on Radiance cards was manufactured by Konica Minolta, a Japanese multinational company specializing in printers and medical equipmentand it is still unknown when the first cards will be released on the market, as Sentry still exists No agreements were announced with any bank.

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