July 1, 2022

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Yulen Pereira and Anabel Pantoja live their "Survivors" moment of shame with their love story |  Film and Television

Yulen Pereira and Anabel Pantoja live their “Survivors” moment of shame with their love story | Film and Television

Annabelle Pantoga s Yulin Pereira Continue to live their love story survivors. Some will say that the love of friends, others consider it the love of a couple. The truth is that there is a very strong bond that unites them, we call it X.

At the party this Thursday, we got to know the new chapter after a week without seeing each other. The player was selected to move from Playa Paraiso to Playa Fatal to exercise his right to robbery. But she couldn’t see her friend because she was with her in Playa Paraiso Anwar Bino.

When Annabelle got back to her beach and found out that Yulin was there for him, she wanted to know everything, she asked Anna Lock How did you see him? And Al-Andalusi described “as he came with his yellow pants and the earring he wears now.”

For his part, Anwar told his friend that Annabelle said in Playa Paraiso that she did not want to see him. “You will overlook Palapa, I will take her and tell her everythingreaction.

“Every day I spend here without Annabelle, I realize I need her more. I feel like being with her now, now, 24 hours with her and me. I have to be with herThen Anwar handed him a new earring. “How can he not remember you, idiot?” And it wasn’t the only gift, she also had a handwritten letter she gave him for him.

A Love Letter

Anwar assured her, “I love that girl so much and I know you love her too because your eyes water.” Although Yulin refused to accept it, he ended up admitting that “Every day I spend here without Annabelle, I realize I need more. I want to be with her now, now, and talk to her, but for long and hard, I swear, 24 hours a day, she and I.”

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“Do you know what’s going on? I have to be with her, and that’s it. Now everything is fine again,” Yulin emphasized while wearing new ring.

Anwar was responsible for reading Annabelle’s letter out loud: “The six weeks in Honduras have made you a dream, a drive. When I sat next to you on the bus in Madrid, no, but yes.” I knew you were that part, that column, that’s it. You were my prize. Sorry if at some point you’re invasive or preventative, you say Kiko. You only did it because you are so important and I don’t even want the air to touch you. Stay tuned there is an angry brunette from Triana who lives in the Canary Islands and works in Madrid who has revolutionized the soul. Above all, You made me smile again and see what I deserve. I love you, my prince. Silly phone number and website.”

Annabelle is unique. I have never met such a woman in my life.’ It was the only thing Yulin was able to say after hearing Annabelle’s words laid out on the paper.

moment of shame

All this was reproduced in Palapa and one does not have to have much imagination to suppose the disgrace that must have been heard that everyone heard that moment. Annabelle confirmed that she would scold Anwar for reading the letter in public.

The contestant returned the compliment to her friend and confirmed that she had met important people in her life “but not like him”. Indeed, the rest sighed to witness What a romantic moment.

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Annabelle stressed the importance of being noticed by someone like Yulin because it gives her self-confidence.

We’ll see how this story continues, as much as the swordsman’s mother regrets, everything indicates that it is all about love.