August 16, 2022

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125 million gray hairs have been burned in the last 5 days

125 million gray hairs have been burned in the last 5 days

Twitter and . user reports Etherscan Exposing Shiba Inu’s massive transactions, after reports predicting little or no chance of recovery in 2022, and even arguing that only Elon Musk can save cryptomoney meme to “Tweets”.

In the last hours of 2021 and the first of 2022, burnt About 5.6 million SHIB, while in recent days it was 125 million units, according to Etherscan. The total amount of SHIB burned 22 times.

Twittershibburn account in recent days showed a file Cryptomoney The Shiba Inu Mimi was destroyed in the past hours. moreover, About 14 transactions to send more than 125 million tokens To an inactive wallet, which means there will be no activity or expenses.

Recently, it appeared that the Shiba Inu developers It works on a second layer scalability solution, as noted in discussions recorded in various media. It is said that the project is also considering entering the space metaverso.

Developers of the cryptocurrency meme Shiba Inu (SHIB) will launch Tier 2 scalability solution for the original. The solution, called Shibarium, was suggested by Shiba Inu’s creator, Ryoshi. Some users also posted screenshots from a discussion about Discord.

Shiba Inu was one of the Cryptocurrency Busiest in 2021

Reportes de Etherscan It is reported that the largest deal was in the amount of 100 million dollars from SHIB This was done at the end of December. Usershibburn recalls that out of the initial 1 billion% offer, approximately $410,301 million was withdrawn from circulation.

The accelerated combustion activity of SHIB Through the analyzes that indicated the low probability of the existence of the Shiba Inu Recovering in 2022, so will crypto-meme, and even experts like Christopher Vecchio suggest that only Elon Musk can save them with “tweets” all year long, and if not, they will all continue to decline further.

fountain: Etherscan

as CoinMarketCapShiba Inu The most viewed digital asset among the top 200 cryptocurrencies in 2021. Since the beginning of the year, his page has had 188,019,378 visits on the platform. Meanwhile, the most valuable cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, ranked second with 145 million views. follow him DogecoinSHIB’s competitor, which ranked third with more than 107 million views.

What is more, Cryptocurrency meme continues in a strong trend bass playerAnd pile up A 60% devaluation from an all-time high in late October. In addition to the drop in price, Shiba Inu has lost its position as the main token in the portfolios of major network investors Ethereum.

Whale It is a monitoring site that analyzes the movement of the 1000 largest ERC-20 token wallets – assets created on the Ethereum network. In November, SHIB turned out to be the cryptocurrency most bought by these whales, accounting for more than 17% of the amount held by these addresses.


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