June 25, 2022

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5 Reasons to Watch the Argentine Superstars Series on Amazon Prime Video

5 Reasons to Watch the Argentine Superstars Series on Amazon Prime Video

The Amazon Original series revolves around Maradona’s football career and here we tell you why you can’t miss a single chapter. You can only see it on Amazon Prime Video.

Few personalities leave their mark forever in Latin American football. With Maradona: A blessed dreamAmazon Prime Video in 10 chapters will narrate the prolific life of the number 10 player, who passed away on November 25 last year. If you are a fan of the Argentine star then Maradona: A blessed dream It is the perfect choice for you, but if you still doubt it, we share 5 Reasons Why You Can See the Yes or Yes Story of Diego Armando Maradona on Amazon Prime Video From October 29.

  1. The first and only autobiographical series

Maradona: A blessed dream It is based on real facts about the career of the most important character in the football scene, and also contains dramatic elements that grab the viewer from the first episode. Production is a way Celebrate Maradona’s career, but also salute and honor To the icon who passed away last November.

2. Three actors and a legend

Unlike other series where a single actor usually plays the same character in different aspects of his life (with the help of a little makeup), Maradona: A blessed dream It will have three different actors playing the Argentine superstar. on one side Homemade Nazarino, who will play the role of the player in the early stages of his life; join Nicola Goldschmidt To push the story to the moment when Maradona is at the peak of his career and ends Juan Palomino With the aim of representing the legend in the last years of his life.

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Maradona 1

The three actors participated, in an interview with the portal shock, that what unites them to Maradona is not only nationality, but the perception that he was, in fact, an artist. “Initially he made this difference almost on the pitch by doing magic, and then he also moved into his way of being very attractive and attractive, to generate a lot of joy for people and a lot of feelings”Goldschmith has partnered with the digital broker.


If you were one of the lucky ones to see Maradona playing in the World Cup, needless to say we envy you, but if you, like me, don’t enjoy this privilege, you can relive the historical moments with Maradona: A blessed dream. And it is that in this production an important part of the player’s career will be addressed, through his work Humble beginnings in his native Argentina, until his revolutionary move runs through Barcelona and Naples.

Maradona Barcelona 1

4. 1986 World Cup and Goal of the Century

We can’t close these recommendations without telling you that the series will tackle one of the most famous stages in the Argentine star’s path: World Cup 86 in Mexico, reaching the semi-finals of his country’s team. “No one stopped me”Maradona called out on an ESPN special about the goal now called The Goal of the Century.

Maradona 86

With Maradona: A blessed dream We will relive through imagination the moment when the Argentine outmaneuvered the England team from just before midfield until reaching the goalkeeper’s goal and scoring that would forever change the history of football and the perception that the world would have it. A graceful and skillful football player, who later became hits all over the world.

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5. Five episodes in one day

Yes! Amazon Prime Video will be released in the first half of Maradona: A blessed dream On October 29, while the next four seasons will hit the podium every Friday in a row, Maradona’s story ends on Thursday, November 25, about the end of the season. Who can complain about a month full of God’s hand? flow?