June 20, 2024

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51% of travel agencies operate with financial losses, according to Anato .

51% of travel agencies operate with financial losses, according to Anato .

80% of agencies consider that a full recovery may be before the next two years. Photo: Colprensa.

In view of the reported continuous reactivation in passenger traffic at the national and international levels, and the progress made in the vaccination process in Colombia, which led to the gradual development of this sector, the Colombian Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies (ANATO) conducted the fourth revitalization survey with a sample of 133 A travel company to analyze the level of operation of these companies, the marketing of their products and services, and employment and travel trends.

This study showed that During the first half of 2021, associated travel agencies maintained a revitalization level in their sales of 35%, Compared to the same period in 2019, 70% of its marketing focused on the holiday segment, and 30% on the corporate segment.

In fact, the surveyed companies highlighted that exemption from VAT on packages was of great benefit to marketing their products, with 75% seeing this as boosting their sales.

Financially, 51% of agencies operate at a financial loss; 35% at break-even point; And 14% generates a profit or a surplus. evenly, Staff reduced by 26% compared to the moment before the crisis which led to 80% of agencies Consider that a full recovery can occur before the next two years.

“The travel industry has had a huge impact, but as a consortium, we have continued to work on implementing various commercial and training spaces that allow us to enhance agency offerings, as in the recent edition of the Anato Tourist Showcase” and explained Paula Cortes, Cali, CEO of the company.

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Likewise, he emphasized that in the second semester there will be events such as the National Conference of Travel and Tourism Agencies, Induction Trips, Regional Business Conferences and the Second Meeting of Receptionist Tourism, looking to further promote the revitalization.

On the other hand, the study also showed that when planning and taking vacations, 56% of travelers do so one to three months before, This is due to changes in procedures and restrictions announced by different countries for the entry of visitors.

For this reason, the national market was the most commercial, with 64% of total sales concentrated, Sunny and beach destinations like San Andrés, Cartagena and Santa Marta stand out as the most sought after.

In the case of international, it gained a share of 36% of total sales, primarily driven by flights to the United States and the Caribbean (Mexico and Dominican Republic).

Our plan of action is to continue making efforts to gain greater support for entrepreneurs, by extending the PAEF; Achieving more commercial spaces to diversify its product and service portfolios, in addition to developing strategies in favor of formalities in the sector, “ The guild leader concluded.

On August 5, Annatto announced that, based on IATA figures, passenger traffic on international flights in the world, during June 2021, It was reactivated by 19%, while in Colombia it reached 55%, compared to the same month in 2019, according to data from civil aviation.

In terms of passenger transport on domestic flights in the world, there was a reactivation of 78% in June 2021. The figure in Colombia was even higher, reaching 81%, compared to the same month in 2019.

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Travelers have undergone a shift in the way they travel, their directions, and their preferences. This is how travel agencies have strengthened their offers taking into account market conditions and restrictions on the entry of tourists to other countries or national destinations, which has contributed to the revitalization of the sector.

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