August 16, 2022

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6 Harvard keys to stop procrastinating

6 Harvard keys to stop procrastinating

At this point in the year, you’ll already have checked if you’re one of those people who always put off or put off duties and responsibilities, even the personal goals you set at the beginning of the year that you haven’t yet achieved. Well, maybe you didn’t have much time, and no, It’s not about blaming yourself, it’s about investigating what happens to you And yes, other than external factors, there is one more thing that makes you procrastinate nonstop.

“Procrastination is Emotion regulation problem“It’s not a time management problem,” says Tim Bischel, a member of the team of researchers who study procrastination at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

If your “habit” of procrastinating is causing you negative consequences at work and/or personally, it’s time to find out what happens. In fact, even if you think that’s not the case, it’s important to look inside yourself to see why our times don’t adjust. In the meantime, you can keep that in mind 6 keys suggested by Harvard university To take things at a different pace. Or what is the same, so as not to leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

believe in yourself

It’s not one of those empty motivational messages, believing in yourself is, frankly, important for mental regulation. If you know what you’re good at, you’ll do it quicklyWith confidence, you will be less likely to fail than if you previously told yourself you would do it wrong.

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In this negativity when doubt begins to be daily, and you get used to it (albeit not to the consequences). But calm down, remember that If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will. From this, almost everything has to be worn.

Find a fun environment

This was explained by imprisonment. If there is one thing we have tried to learn (or understand) since the beginning of the pandemic as a society, it is that structuring space is essential for a healthy rhythm of life. The ability to have a place illuminated by natural light, comfortable furniture, large windows or a balcony It’s been a silent franchise that, during 2020, has emerged as a cry of need.

This need dwells within us in our daily lives, shapes our moods, and oftentimes, makes us get used to putting off tasks. Especially if the space doesn’t make it easy for us to do, which makes it a lot less attractive. It’s not easy to solve this problem, as you may have noticed, but something can be tried If you don’t have fancy amenities: find the brightest place in the house, turn on the music, arrange the area and place a plant, for example, or take the moment with something delicious to eat. With these ideas, your desire to do things will increase a little more.

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Try to reduce the problem

When something seems too difficult to do, we do our best not to. There are issues that are hard to minimize, although other everyday tasks that we don’t like have the potential to be a lot less than they seem to us. Think about it, everything in our heads is often much bigger than that.

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Analyze your position and position

Looking inward has its pros and cons, but it certainly serves to direct the will toward tasks better. It will help you to find the reason(s) that are holding you back from the idea of ​​working on the commentator To find a faster solution to change the habit.

In addition, the plans that depend on you, the ones that you make yourself are better. You have your own control In terms of time and goals to achieve.

Talk about your duties

speak speak speak. How many times a day will we hear that venting is important, even though we hear the opposite as well. For the latter, there is no case. Filtering is essential, and what better way to say what is coming our way. Nothing like a good friend and a good snack to see everything differently. Also, no one likes to appear to others as unproductive. This, along with confidence and a different point of view, will help you motivate yourself more.

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Think about the consequences

Before putting off what has been assigned to you, think about what might happen if you don’t. No, do not panic, this is not the intention, but the conscience. Could you lose your job, relationship, friendship, money, or opportunities? Being aware of the consequences is essential In these cases. Evaluate the outcome well when leaving something for tomorrow.

Pay close attention to your situations, plans, and efforts. If you feel like you are in a procrastination loop, Find that click that gets you to work. If you can’t move forward despite these tips, It is recommended to go to psychotherapy. Remember that treatment is good, it is important and, above all, it may be necessary to break that knot that prevents you from doing things.

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