April 12, 2024

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A computer scientist on the side of evil: January 2024

A computer scientist on the side of evil: January 2024

If only yesterday I said goodbye to the year after publication 368 Articles, Today the counter was reset to zero. Well, one with this article I'm writing now. This year promises to be very intense in our technological world, and now I already have a backlog of articles sent to me by friends and collaborators, all of which I will have to publish in January this year. There is great turmoil in our world.

Figure 1: First delivery year

For my part, in addition to writing in this corner from the “side of evil” – I hope every day – and giving an outlet to all the articles, news, opinions, conferences, interviews, events, training courses and things that are part of in my life, the main challenge I face is the first year of Telefónica Digital Innovation.

Although the history of innovation in our house represents another step, for our TID it is the beginning of a path full of dreams, projects and goals to achieve. General for me personally Delivery one yearWell, we have many plans coming up as well as many new product and service launches which I will logically tell you about here. And this is it Delivery, delivery, delivery He is my boss Key Performance Indicators for more than twenty Years, but you can't live delivery From last year, so every year starts over. This is for The houseFor a double reason
Of course, the project in which we have achieved the greatest number of achievements is Telefonica Open Portalwhich is part of our future strategy not only as a company, but as a sector, so I will devote a lot of energy to this initiative in which we are building a lot, and which has a great impact. Delivery time With many more milestones to come Mobile World Congress.

We also have many plans for the future Wayrawhich, having already served more than a decade, has matured in all areas of its work, in its evaluation as a company, in its income, and in its impact on phoneIn the last quarter we identified the next step for it, and we hope that in a short time we will be able to announce its development. Bringing innovation to Telefónica, accelerating startups, creating disruptive changes by supporting the most innovative startups, and looking for alliances like the ones we created at LeadWinds or with Iker Casillas And Pau Gasol In the field of sports.

On the other hand, we will have important dates in the form of events. We will be in Mobile World Congress And in 4 years ahead now. I hope I'll be able to be there RootedCON And in several cons Which I've marked on the calendar and I'll let you know if everything closes. Of course, we have OpenExpo Europe 2024, this year is mainly dedicated to the world of GenAIwhere we have already confirmed several speakers, companies and attendees VIP We will assure you. And in OctoberOur king TID Innovation Day Which will represent several “handover” times for our unit, with launches to be announced there by the end of the year.

In addition, I will continue with personal projects such as 0xWord We will have 5 new books released between now and then June -The first very soon-, Electronic calico – which will release comic number three of the strips this year – and Singularity Pirateswhich will continue to have news and growth plans, with new activities around it.

naturally, MyPublicInbox It's one of the ones you'll see growing the most. Not only in product, but also in services, reach and expansion. If you follow the development of the platform day by day, you will be able to see how it grows in users, functionality and the company, as this year I will tell you the next step in our expansion and growth. arrive to program to iPhoneThis is certain, API To merge transactions with Tempus In all the services and platforms you want, and the reputation analysis service that we have been working on over the past month. So just in H1 There are many road map Before.

It's also marked by celebrations, and there are plenty of them this year. Centenary of Telefonicabirthday 18 years of my blog, Fulfillment 12 years at Telefónicaand the person I wish I could celebrate all month long, not to mention of course The first is from TID and is the first year of delivery. If you add to that, dinners, trips, concerts, movies, series, and going for a run with friends from time to time, I have a year full of things to do that I wouldn't want to miss for the world. . So, from now on, I'll start Delivery modeAnd I've come to this, because today is the right day January 1, 2024.

Greetings evil!