June 25, 2022

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"A fourth place is possible if we strategize right"

“A fourth place is possible if we strategize right”

    • Charles Leclerc He already knew what he was facing after retiring at two of the last three Grands Prix: penalties. In Canada, before that Ferrari And Monaco himself believed that they would have to punish. If they were initially going to start with 10 penalty spots, now they will do so with another 10, which means that the red car that started to win everything will occupy the penultimate square on the grid. Replacing the power unit almost cost him farewell to a victory in Montreal. Only a crazy race, and no rain expected unlike on Saturday in qualifying, will earn him the podium. Although as a good winner, he hopes to come back and add a large pool of points that do not leave the World Cup on the board Max Verstappen before summer vacation.

      Top 5 as a target

      Ferrari, the Ferrari, at the bottom of the grid is a car that stands out for being out of place, fighting for wins and podiums. And Leclerc knows he has the weapons to put him where he deserves. He doesn’t put his arms down or give up, he will clamp the knife between his teeth and trust his drive and above all that the strategy is going well. “I don’t know if it will work or not. If we play smart in strategy, get some fresh air, we can go back to P4 or something.”Charles told Sky F1 at the end of Saturday’s session.

      The options for this fifth or fourth place, where he wants to get, is easy to overtake on a circuit that looked simple on Friday, but at the time of qualifying it turned out the opposite. “Overtaking was a little more difficult than I initially thought. yesterday. But overall, I think we have a good rhythm.”

      From a Ferrari wall they will have eyes both forward and backward and hopefully Leclerc will arrive as soon as possible, and there will be no doubt that Monegasque will be squeezing the engine to make it happen. “That’s the point and yes, I’ll do my best”.

      as commended Carlos Sainzcomrade in ranks, qualified third, and from him hopeEuropean Union You have a good race and can make things difficult for Captain Verstappen. “If I can’t do that, the second person I want to win is Carlos. That would be great for him. I think he was competitive this weekend and will be very close to Max and hopefully I can join the fight as well with a late safety car and a bit of luck. “reflected

      Despite his confidence to take the race, he was disappointed at not being able to get into the third quarter, although he believed Ferrari had made the right decision by choosing to carry out all of the grid penalties at once. “I don’t know if there will be more penalties, but I think it was the best thing we could have done, I think we made the right decision to put it all together instead of many Grand Prix races.”Ferrari driver finished.

      Charles Leclerc is on his way back to Gilles Villeneuve, home of another Ferrari fan, the Canadian. And in a track where he already knows what it’s like to get on the podium. He did it in 2019 and took third place.

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