August 19, 2022

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A large and strange moving vortex appears in the sky of New Zealand

A large and strange moving vortex appears in the sky of New Zealand

The picture can be taken from the picture exactly Matches in the third phase. South Island, New Zealand, Sunday 7:30 pm local time. Dozens of people did not leave their surprise when a strangely large blue vortex in the sky spun itself and moved in a northerly direction, focusing their gaze towards the already dark sky.

In such cities the word spreads fast Queenstown One Motueka, And neighbors immediately speculate with various theories and explanations. “It looked like a huge spiral star, stopping in the sky and moving slowly,” he later noted. Alastair BurnsStar view guide on Stewart Island / Rakiura, in collected reports Defender. “It was a white dot with a small vortex. And in 10 minutes it crossed half the sky and the vortex tripled. It did not blink or flicker and it moved very fast,” the local added. Augustine Matthews To the news portal Items.

Is it a galaxy? A strange space phenomenon? Maybe UFO? The explanation, once again, may be too simple, and it relates to last Sunday in Cape Canaveral (USA) the launch of SpaceX’s Elon Musk’s space agency SpaceX’s two-stage Falcon 9 rocket. According to the author Richard EasterPhysicist at the University of Auckland, caused by the motor of this strange rotating device.

“When the impulse is discharged from the back [del cohete], Mainly water and carbon dioxide. It summarizes the formation of a cloud in space illuminated by the sun, “Easter explained.

Very confusing pictures taken from space

Three missions in three days

Musk launched 53 satellites – in addition to the Falcon 9 – aimed at putting the communications satellite into orbit for Globalstar. Star link Radar satellite for the German Army from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Friday and Saturday from the Vandenberg Space Base in California.

Other events similar to those in New Zealand were recorded in Hawaii and Oklahoma and in East Africa in early 2018. They are all Caused by SpaceX releases.

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