June 23, 2024

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A Mexican bullfighter suffers a terrible headbutt in the bullring in Madrid;  This is your health condition

A Mexican bullfighter suffers a terrible headbutt in the bullring in Madrid; This is your health condition

The Mexican bullfighter hopes to return to bullfighting soon.

A few minutes after leaving the special care room, after undergoing surgery sales Because of the serious blows he suffered Michoacan bullfighter Isaac Fonseca He made his feelings known.

“It hurt me a lot, but I had to show my face. He actually cut off his ear At the unanimous request of the audience for which I am extremely grateful, and although my second friend had already warned me on several occasions from the right side by sneaking in the first attacks, I had to stand firm, knowing that he could hurt me, he said over the phone. In a slower voice than the young Mexican usually expresses.

The incident occurred with The sixth bull in the afternoon, from the Torstrella farm, Who was gored upwards when he put the bull’s horn inside Fonseca’s back. The bullfighter explained that according to the doctors, It was a miracle that the drill did not get inside.

Mexican bullfighter Isaac Fonseca is headbutted during the San Isidro Bullfighting Festival, which was held today, Sunday, at the Las Ventas Bullring in Madrid. EFE / Borja Sánchez Trillo.

“Yes, the doctors told me it was a miracle that it did not go inside, because even though it scratched the lung and pushed the ribs which also hit the lung, it did not cause any other damage that could have been very serious,” he commented.

Despite the seriousness of the accident… Fonseca was optimistic about his recovery. “I feel good, I’m in a lot of pain, but I have a feeling of knowing that the audience and the audience The professionals appreciated what was undoubtedly my best performance at Las Ventas.Isaac pointed out.

Isaac Fonseka revealed that the stabbing cost him his life by damaging his lung.

According to the medical report, Fonseca will have to stay in the hospital for a few days and then continue the rehabilitation process as soon as possible. The Michoacán bullfighter hopes to fulfill his next bullfighting commitments. “I have a fight on June 15, and my intention, if my body allows it, is to show up again A day here in Spain in Sahagún (a town in Castile and Leon) Then on the 30th in Cotervo, Peru.

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Isaac Fonseca, 22 years old, continues to show his courage and dedication in the ring, winning the admiration of the public and bullfighting professionals. The blows he suffered in Las Ventas, the most demanding arena, did not dampen his spirit or his determination to continue his career, despite the dangers inherent in bullfighting. The next few weeks will be crucial for his recovery and seeing if he can stick to his bullfighting schedule.