June 16, 2024

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At a crucial stage, amnesty for the prisoners of the social uprising in Chile - Prensa Latina

A new call for the mobilization of the defense ministers of Peru – Prensa Latina

“We call on all the party’s membership bases to defend the People’s Government and that of Prime Minister Guido Peledo,” reads the call, which was posted online by the Secretary-General of the English Labor Party, Vladimir Ceron.

And she called for mobilization next Thursday, when the ministerial cabinet will appear before the House of Representatives to present its plans and request the approval of confidence from the legislature whose refusal will decide the resignation of all ministers.

The right-wing seats demand the government to change a number of ministers, among them Peledo, before the team’s presentation, as a condition for establishing confidence that progressive lawmakers consider unacceptable, to invade the president’s authority to choose his ministers and ministers. The current charges were sworn in in less than four weeks.

The mobilization will be directed against the possible position (impeachment) of President Castillo, which the tougher opposition threatens almost daily, and against the imposition of a new “road map”.

The term refers to the commitment to abstain from deep changes, which former President Ollanta Humala signed before he was elected president in 2011.

This call joins another call made in recent days at its bases by Co-Governor Nuevo Peru (NP), whose president, Veronica Mendoza, met for two hours with President Castillo at the government palace.

Congressman Jose Quito, of the far-right group RenovaciĆ³n Popular (RP), said Castillo should withdraw Peledo and female president Anahi Durand “for now.” Interior, Juan Carrasco; Defense, Walter Ayala; Agriculture, Victor Maita, and work, Uber Maravi.

The legislator, in turn, criticized the ministers’ call for defense because groups linked to its position called on their hosts to mobilize against the government for the same Thursday.

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On the other hand, Congressman Edgar Tello, of the PPL, confirmed that the head of state is evaluating possible cabinet changes to be decided before Thursday and did not provide further details.

A lawmaker from the same party, Jaime Quito, said he was unaware of these assessments and suggested that the president wait until after Thursday, when the cabinet’s fate will be decided, before making “amendments to guide the course of the government.” country.”

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