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Spain defeated New Zealand

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Spain is fitted His first loss in Tokyo They lost in a match against New Zealand (3-4) in three minutes, then came back and dominated and advanced to the quarterfinals.

After Saturday’s added point against Argentina, Fred Soy’s men suffered at the start of the meeting with New Zealand, a team that lost to Indica (2-3) yesterday, who took the lead through Stephen Jennes ’cross ball but could not save after losing the first two corner penalties of Quico Cortes.

The opposing goal made Fred Soyse’s men react, and they went from low to high. They touched the tie in a good connection between Pep Romeo and Mark Bolde, and they achieved it when they became Madrid Quick Gonzalez de Costejan made his debut as a goal scorer in Tokyo.

Shortly afterwards, New Zealand won another corner penalty by captain Blair Tarant, who went half-time with a short-term advantage. Spain did not cancel anything else to return to the field With the goal of Pav Quimata. Kumata could not change the next penalty chance, But Mark Bolde did it later. When he finished with almost no angle, he was rejected by Howard Cole in the first shot.

Spain were able to retain their advantage for 9 minutes as Kane Russell did not pardon a new penalty for his team and Jake Smith ended the game back in action which was verified by the umpires despite the opposition of the “Redsticks”.

Monday will be a day off for Spain, their third game 27 against India on Tuesday The team that conceded victory in the match after losing 1-7 against Australia today. Japan and Australia will be his last rivals.

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