August 19, 2022

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A volcano erupted about 40 kilometers from the capital of Iceland

A volcano erupted about 40 kilometers from the capital of Iceland


Live images show how magma emerges at the surface through a longitudinal fissure

picture of erupting volcano

A volcano erupted at noon on Wednesday in IcelandAccording to AFP, citing the Scandinavian Meteorological Institute. According to the pictures broadcast by some local media, Magma rose to the surface on the Reykjanes Peninsula. Located in the southwest of the country, it includes a volcanic system and the capital, Reykjavik, is located there.

The volcanic eruption occurred about 40 kilometers from the capital, near Mount Fagradalsfjall where in 2021 a volcano had been erupting for six months. The volcano that erupted is a fission type; That is, it does not represent a raised cone, but rather looks like a long scar on the earth’s crust.

Although there is no ash column, the institute said that Pollution may be detected due to gas emissions“Currently, there are no flights affected,” the National Airports Authority told AFP. “Mount Vajradalsvilla belongs to the Kresovic volcanic system on the Reykjanes peninsula in southwest Iceland. This country has 32 volcanic systems considered active, the largest number in all of Europe.

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