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A wide American show between Argentina and the United States

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With five daily flights to different destinations

RR | Buenos Aires | July 17 2022

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La aerolínea American Airlines agrega una nueva frecuencia en su ruta Miami – Buenos Aires, alcanzando un total de tres vuelos diarios entre el 15 de diciembre de 2022 y el 2 de enero de 2023. De esta manera sigue consolidando su of deserta de vuelos United State.

“At American, we are committed to our Buenos Aires operations and are proud that our offer this Christmas will increase to five daily flights to the United States,” said Gonzalo Chimes, director of South America and Strategic Alliances at American.

In this way, US operations in Buenos Aires in December will include three daily flights to Miami International Airport, one to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and one to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

And Andres Duncan Patterson, Regional Sales Director for American for South America, expressed himself regarding these new summertime Christmas frequencies: “With this tour offering, we hope to continue to promote the revitalization of future tourism in the country.” .

As mentioned; On an American Airlines flight, a man robs two other passengers mid-flight, a criminal act that can be detected by the actions of the crew. (Unusual: On an American flight, a passenger steals $10,000 from another)

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