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According to Mercury Research, AMD has a 16.9% CPU market share.

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According to the latest market analyst reports mercury researchDuring the second quarter of 2021, AMD Reached global x86 CPU market share from 16.9 percent, which represents an increase in 0.8 percentage points sequentially and 7.3 percentage points year over year, which places AMD’s highest in the past 15 years. or in other words, Sets its biggest record since 2016.

In 2006, AMD could still count on its processors K8, but after Intel got on the accelerator, AMD went through very dark years with the K10 CPUs, the notorious bulldozer, and didn’t start flying until Intel fell into hibernation and responded with CPUs. AMD Ryzen in 2017.

Specifically, in the x86 client market, AMD’s share 15.8%, which represents an increase of 0.7 percentage points, respectively, and 4.1 percentage points year on year. In the x86 server market, AMD’s share also increased to 11.6 percent, an increase of 0.8 percentage points, respectively, and 4.7 percentage points year on year.

It’s also important to note the recent changes from AMD that affect these numbers. right Now They don’t focus too much on the low-end CPU marketand even reduced shipments of low-cost CPUs over the course of the year, focusing on improving profitability, with high-margin CPUs being the center of attention, or else the market share would have increased further. It’s time to see how far you’ve progressed during the third trimester.

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