June 20, 2024

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The Brazilian army is not ready to stage a coup to save Bolsonaro – the world order

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The apparent alliance between the military and Bolsonaro turned into mistrust. Despite the strength the army gained during his tenure, the resignation of the high command and several disagreements deepened the fissures between the two parties. And all with the president in his most fragile moment due to the pandemic, social discontent, and Lula da Silva’s candidacy for the 2022 elections.

Brazilian politics suffered a military crisis six months ago, the beginning of the struggle for the 2022 elections and the relentless effects of the pandemic. After a convulsive term, President Bolsonaro has run out of credit. Disagreements with him can be resolved only in two ways: resignation or dismissal. Such was the case of former Defense Minister Fernando Azevedo e Silva, a retired general whose moderation made him an uncomfortable figure in the government: he resigned from his portfolio in March under pressure from the presidency.

Bolsonaro appointed a closer general, Braga Neto, as the new minister in an effort to consolidate his influence over the military. However, the entire leadership resigned the next day in solidarity with Azevedo e Silva, setting off a military crisis unprecedented since the return of democracy to the country in 1985. The president saw the relationship with the cornerstone, the military, crumbling. She was in an awkward position. Meanwhile, the October 2022 elections began to loom large.

Bolsonaro loses military support

The first bars of the Bolsonaro era…

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