December 9, 2023

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Actress Alejandra Villafañe died at the age of 34, after a long struggle with cancer

Actress Alejandra Villafañe died at the age of 34, after a long struggle with cancer

On October 21, actress and former beauty queen Alejandra Villafañe, who has participated in audio-visual productions on Colombian television Such as “Law of the Heart”, “The Chosen Granddaughter”, “Ever Charming” and “False Profile” She died after suffering from aggressive breast cancer for several months which would have also affected her right ovary. The actress, who died at the age of 34, revealed that her condition would have been diagnosed and surgery performed in July of this year.

The news, confirmed by his romantic partner, his father and close relatives, has put the community that is part of Colombian entertainment into mourning. “God quickly gathers the best flowers for his garden. My daughter, your legacy will always be with me. Thank you for being so special. I love you.”The actress’s father, Santiago Villafañe Vidal, expressed.

In fact, on social networks, the actor and Alejandra’s friend, Raul Ocampo, who accompanied his girlfriend during the last months of her life, revealed: He shared a reel of black-and-white photos showing the moment they shaved off and accompanied it with a brief message: “I want you to know that… forever.”

This will be a tribute to Alejandra Villafañe

According to information published by his family. On the afternoon of Sunday, October 22, from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm, a tribute to the life of the famous actress will be held in the city of Chapinero, in Bogotá. The former queen, who was withdrawing from the recordings to receive medical treatment, would appear optimistic to her followers and feel grateful for the prayers of her loved ones.

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My first chemo treatment, amidst so much uncertainty, it was my choice to put a good face on it and receive it with love, without failing to say it was the most challenging and devastating experience.It’s a very expensive deal. But we are still here, those who took care of me fill me with such calm and good energy and with God’s infinite love that lifts me up… I love all of you who were here and I know everyone from my family. Heart is with me. Family, friends and acquaintances. Thank you, the famous actress wrote in one of her last letters.

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