January 19, 2022

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After Elden Ring, FromSoftware is reported to be working on a new armored core

After Elden Ring, FromSoftware is reported to be working on a new armored core

FromSoftware is working on its next game yet elden ring, which is a new part of the shooting game with closing (Giant Robots) started in 1997, armored core. At least, that’s what is extracted from a file vote For consumers who have spread in Reset (va EurogamerUser “Red Liquorice” who Share details and summary From the game, but not Assumes eight clips and two videos which he obtained because, he asserts, it bears a watermark that can identify him.

“I just finished a consumer survey about a new game armored core With description, screenshots and Two videos of about 30 seconds long with Play; the first Final boss fight and the second Play In the world, snowy area ”, writes the user in the aforementioned forum.

The respondent states that the battle against President I know It looks a lot like epic battles Evil spiritsWhile I mentioned long-range shooting areas Virtua On, Epic closing from SEGA.

It also describes another scene in which the player about Mica White, he was advancing through a snowy region towards a huge metal or stone door, because of him As mentioned the wonderful architecture souls. He adds that there were two other players at a distance, which might indicate collaborative method.

‘Red Licorice’ admitted that they had never played before armored coreThis is explained in the survey they requested Possible nouns for the title, to choose from AC: 6And AC: VI, title with subtitle, armored core To dry and other names that do not even include the name of the epic.

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One of the main points of the title according to the official description shared by the user is that it is about “A science fiction world created by Hidetaka Miyazaki”, Director elden ring. The game is defined as a ‘business title Mica A third-person shooter that lets you move around overwhelming scale map Represent a unique sci-fi world with action Mica Moving. You will face powerful enemies now Short and long term fierce battles using firearms and swords.”

Public relations

The supposed official description specifies that there will be a file 3D “huge” map Filled with ‘handcrafted parking’ for players to navigate “Unique Mobility” Thanks to closing. The fight will be from long range, with sword and shield. In addition, a High customization in fighting style Change the body parts and weapons of the robot.

The series has been on standby since 2013

The last epic was Armored Core: Judgment Day For Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, published at 2013 by Bandai Namco. Neither the publisher nor the developer has confirmed the existence of this new game in the series. FromSoftware and Bandai Namco to launch on February 25, 2022 elden ring, One of the Most anticipated games of 2022, paragraph PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and Xbox One.